The World’s Tallest File Cabinet – For The Office Geek

My very dear friend @laurawalker86, who lives in Liverpool, is in the States now visiting friends in Vermont. As a tribute to her exploration, I thought I would try to find the most interesting nugget of information I could about that state.

I’ve only been to Vermont a few times, and I think of colorful trees, stunning scenery and maple syrup when I think about Vermont. What about you? I found another little interesting tidbit about Vermont that excites the geek in me. Did you know that the world’s tallest file cabinet is located in Burlington, Vermont? It’s not in an office either. Nope, that would be way too boring.

It’s located in a field of weeds off Shelburne Street (route 7) on Flynn Avenue between Pine and Foster Street. I know, totally random. It’s a stack of 38 rusty file cabinets welded on top of each other. I read online in several places that some of the drawers of the file cabinet are open, and birds and other creatures have made cozy little homes inside. Omg, how cool is that?

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