The World’s Youngest Tattoo Artist – She’s 3 Years Old!

When I was three years old, my biggest dream was to get the big box of 64 crayons. Ruby Dickinson, on the other hand, dreams of having her own authentic, custom made tattoo kit, which she will get for her fourth birthday.

Her father, Blane Dickinson, is a tattoo artist in Wales. He is excited that his daughter wants to be a tattoo artist and jokes that it will be a lot cheaper than paying for University. Ruby is allowed to practice on her Dad’s body since it’s already 70% covered in tattoos. After daycare each day, she attends tattoo lessons. Currently her favorite design is a spider, which she’s been practicing. And, yes, as you can see from the pictures below, she has tattoos herself.

Just so you know, before Ruby, the youngest tattoo artist was Emilie Darrigade, a five year old who inked a beautiful butterfly on her father’s arm (shown in the picture above). I admire Ruby’s talent, and I think it’s wonderful that her father is allowing her to pursue her dreams no matter how strange it may seems to some of us. I wish her the best of luck!

[Image Source: DailyMail]