The Zombie Facebook Like Button

How many times a day do you actually press the “Like” button on Facebook? The question is, are you doing it enough? You know the whole world revolves around that “Like” button, don’t you? As a matter of fact, now that I’m thinking about it, have you “Liked” Bit Rebels yet by any chance? I mean, the button is right here to the left, and all it takes is for you to move your mouse pointer over to the button and click. That’s truly something we here at Bit Rebels would appreciate a LOT! So, if you haven’t clicked that glorious button yet, it would mean a lot to us if you did. There, I just pretty much begged you to like us twice, is that lame?

Well, I guess I am just trying to open this article up for the awesomeness of this Zombie Like Button. It’s almost Halloween as I am writing this, and what could be better than than a zombiefied Facebook button, right? It’s actually a promotional thing for DraftFCB in Lisbon, Portugal. Or rather, some clever advertising for the Fantasporto 2012 film festival. It’s pretty cool, and it definitely catches your attention. After all, you noticed this and clicked to read more about it, right?

Personally, I think Facebook should be more… um.. seasonal. That meaning they should have some way of adding skin packages to celebrate Halloween, Christmas and all of those special days to increase the spirit of the holidays. This zombie like button would be an awesome addition for Halloween for example. Everyone one loves to hate zombies, so this would make for a real good way of getting people to “Like” what you do in a whole different way. We here at Bit Rebels love the zombie like button. We’re just trying to get used to the fact that having a real working zombie like button will never happen. It’s not easy, but maybe a “Like” from you guys will help us get over it… What do you say?

Zombie Facebook Like Button Concept