This Alien Toy Was Banned Back In 1979 – Is It That Scary?

Today when video games are built up of gore and all kinds of weird stuff, I sometimes think back on some things that were released back in the days when I was young. I mean, not that a lot of things got banned back in the ’80s, but there are a few that were blocked from entering the country. I can’t exactly remember what they were, but they were mostly video games and things like that. If I can be honest, I have never before heard of a kid’s toy getting banned from being sold… ever!

That’s why this came as a surprise to me when I heard it was banned from the shelves back in 1979. The movie “Alien” was a huge blockbuster and everyone was talking about the cool effects and the out of this world atmosphere that Ridley Scott managed to create. It was further developed by a man that we know all too well that has taken control of the movie industry with his epic adventures like Titanic and Avatar. Of course, I am talking about James Cameron and his incarnation of the Alien brand named “Aliens” which was the sequel to the Ridley Scott movie.

At the time the first movie “Alien” was released, a toy was also presented and released. The toy had a semi-huge advertisement campaign, but was banned from the shelves before anyone could even buy it. Now the question is, was this toy banned because of the flick or because of the toy itself? This was never brought to light back in 1979, so we’re now asking you. Do you think that this toy was too horrifying to be sold to kids?