13 Must-Have Tools For Surviving A Zombie Outbreak [Infographic]

We write about a lot of infographics here on Bit Rebels, but few have been as entertaining as this one. There are so many bad infographics out there, as you know. Then there are tons of them that provide great information at a glance, and even others that don’t provide any real info, but they are so funny that you just have to share them. The ones that provide useful information combined with spot-on entertainment are few and far between, but this one is a winner. You don’t even realize as you’re reading it that it makes you want to go shop at REI. Brilliant. I could write a whole article on why this infographic works, but instead, I’ll just present to you the equipment you’ll need to survive the next zombie outbreak.

When I try to predict when a zombie outbreak will occur, I never imagine it happening on the crowded subway or when I’m downtown shopping at a busy store. I always imagine it happening while I’m camping or hiking out in the woods, all alone, in a place where nobody would be able to hear me when I scream. Getting your brains eaten by a moaning, smelly, rotting human being must be one of the worst ways to die, so I’m all over this survival equipment.

In this infographic called Zombie Survival Gear: The 13 Essentials, REI not only provides the list of things we need, but also detailed instructions for how to use these tools to survive a zombie outbreak. It’s important to know how to disorient a zombie with a tactical flashlight or neutralize him by slamming his head with a cast-iron skillet. There’s even directions for how to create a zombie trip-wire alarm with some cord and a few empty beer cans. With these 13 things, I might feel protected against a zombie outbreak while sleeping in a tent out in the woods. I would want all this plus some dynamite to blow those zombies to bits. Yup, that oughta do it!

Essential Zombie Survival Gear For The Next Zombie Outbreak

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Via: [Laughing Squid] [REI] Image Credit: [Zombie Attack By Bent / CGHUB]