Travel With A Casket: The Rock’n Roll Way To Pack!

So you’re on the road a lot. I bet you stand at those luggage conveyor belts waiting for your bag thinking, “Dang, whoever owns that bag must be doing something right.” Well, let me tell you, the bag doesn’t really reflect who the person is. It’s just what they prefer hauling their clothes and stuff around in while traveling. However, that can change, and it most certainly will if you are a little bit daring. Nowadays people are very afraid of traveling with too many niche things with them since they might run the risk of having to turn it in or even, in the worst case, miss their flight due to the gadget or “thing” they want to bring with them on the plane.

The new carrier from Village Vanguard is what every rock’n roll artist in the world will probably run to the store to get (if you live in the US you will have to run quite far but who cares right?). Now available in Japan for the awesome price of $155, it will make you spot your bag among all the rest and that’s even from 100 miles away (or something like that).

That being said, this bag is actually being sold at a book store, but don’t let that fool you out of it’s coolness. It’s one of those need-to-have things if you’re a rocker and want people to see it. There is no word on whether or not you will have an ultimately hard time getting through customs, or if you will be picked out every single time to let them have a “peek” at your gear. If you have nothing to hide then you have the opportunity to make a lasting impression at least. Rockers be warned though. Don’t go making jokes like, “Yeah, if we crash at least I have a coffin with me.” I don’t think that would go over very well with the personnel at the airport. #JustSaying

Sorry about the low quality of the images. There were no better ones available.