Twitter Lazyweb: How Twitter Users Are Getting Lazy

I am pretty sure that a lot of people don’t know exactly what the word lazyweb means. As the name suggests, it has something to do with the web and laziness. What it refers to is how we are all evolving into lazy nodes in front of our computers. Instead of finding the answers to our questions through the search engines or by doing hard research, we have started to ask our friends on Facebook, Twitter and all the other social networking services around the web. It’s like we are no longer satisfied with the speed and simplicity of searching for the answers ourselves. We expect someone in our own community to be able to answer the questions we have.

So lazyweb is really just the laziness in trying to find an answer for a question. So where does Twitter fit into all this? Well, as explained, we’re starting to use Twitter as a human search engine where we can get several intelligent answers at the same time. Instead of trying to ask the search engine what to look for, we get to interact with the search results in a way that was previously impossible. You could say that your friends and connections have become the engine of your searches. Quora is a great example of such a service.

So if you think about it, we’re all trying to get more in depth answers faster instead of trying to find the answer ourselves through some tedious research process that might end up giving us the wrong information anyway. So, as the lazyweb grows, I think we’ll be able to pinpoint people in our friend base or community who we can ask certain questions and get the best answers instead of fumbling in the dark for a long time before we hit the right thread that will take us on our way to the answer we are so desperately trying to find.

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Twitter Lazyweb Infographic Question Phenomenon