Ultimate Tutorial | How to be a Nerd

Checking this post out you have unleashed the ultimate question of “How to be a Nerd”. Yup, you obviously wanted to know, right? So, in order not to disappoint you I have found a truly inspiring video tutorial a’ la cartoon style that will push you well over the starting line. You should always remember though that being a nerd, and I know, isn’t a done deal because you follow these steps. Nooo, it’s far more than that. It’s about coming up with even more nerdy stuff to impress other nerds with. To kind of prove that you are the one setting the bar for how to be a geek. Yup, it’s that hard.

You always have to be one step ahead of the game. Always think of something other than what everyone is doing. Whether it is coming up with the next big Internet fly or business concept. Scoring the highest score on the ultimately geeky “My Little Pony” console game just to prove that any game can be beaten.

Whatever you can think of really. Are you ready for this? Are you ready to mantle the big responsibility of holding the nerd flag at the highest peak to show us all where we’re heading next? Well, if not then you probably shouldn’t go through the painful transformation from ordinary to nerd. But I tell you, the perks are far better than being ordinary. At least the good looking girls look at you. Even though it’s with disgust. So, make sure you make a proper decision. Each side has its downside. Now what will you choose? Enjoy!