Understanding The Sony Hack: Simple Infographic Version

Using your credit card on the Internet can be quite a thrilling experience if you are not careful about which websites you use it on. The ones that stand out the most usually look really shady, or are a duplicate of something legit which they have carefully copied in order to grab the unsuspecting customer’s attention. However, for the most part, using your credit card on the bigger websites like World of Warcraft and Amazon usually pose no threat of your card being hijacked by some adrenaline stoked teenager looking for something cool and destructive to do. It of course sometimes happens that these larger websites get attacked and breached as well though.

The latest and one of the most costly breaches in modern history is the now legendary Sony hack that has been rolling through our news day after day since it happened on April 17th. The extent of the breach wasn’t discovered until the 19th when Sony realized 77 million credit card numbers were accessed without being encrypted. It can be hard to understand the whole thing if you haven’t followed it through and through since it started.

However, with the help of Finder.com.au‘s really nice infographic, you can now follow the events day to day and really get into what happened and who might be responsible for the breach and hack. It’s always easier to understand something if you get a whole visual representation of the events that have transpired. It helps you to understand not only the extent of the events, but also the time frame of which the whole thing has been going on.

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The Sony Hack Visualized Infographic