Unreal Wearable LEGO Halo Master Chief Helmet

Many people have had a crack at the Halo franchise when it comes to creating the accessories from the series. There has been everything from rifles to full grown life-size costumes that have taken up to three years to create. It’s like everyone on this planet just can’t wait for all of this cool gear to become a reality. However, sometimes I think people are taking the difficult road instead of just creating stuff using the one thing we all think about when we hear the word “build.” It’s LEGO of course.

Ben Caulkins is one of those people who instantly saw the potential in using LEGO as the building material for his own wearable Master Chief Halo helmet. And let me tell you, it’s something you just have to see to believe. He chose to build a gray helmet (there are of course several different colors to choose from in the game) and with a little ingenuity and imagination, he surely hit a home run with this one.

On his flickr site you can see the build from scratch, and it is truly an amazing journey. The images aren’t only inspiring, they are filled with details both inside the helmet and outside of it. If there is someone who knows how to build something cool with LEGO, it’s definitely Ben. This guy’s is just awesomeness defined. PROPS!