Unusual Sports Of The World: Underwater Boxing

As we all know, the weirder something is, the more attention it gets. I don’t even think I have to constructively explain why that is because it is quite obvious in my eyes. It’s simply that things we haven’t seen before we tend to look at. It’s like when you are watching one of those forensic series on the telly like CSI or Navy CIS, when there is someone laying there on the cold slab you just HAVE to look, even though you don’t want to see. It’s quite odd, I know, and I hate watching that stuff. There are of course things in the world that aren’t quite so… gory, and even though we here at Bit Rebels get to see the most odd things, there are some things that we didn’t even know existed until someone sends it to us, or we stumble over it ourselves.

Such a thing is this clip of Underwater Boxing! Yeah, it sounds really odd, and it really is. I would suggest this for the people who want to start boxing but don’t quite want the hard punches on their face and body. This way, you’ll get lightweight punches even if you are fighting Mike Tyson, pretty much. It’s of course the water that slows down your punch, and if you’ve ever been underwater and tried to move your legs and arms really fast, you’ve noticed that the speed you are able to muster is pretty lame.

In 1939 there was an underwater boxing event at Wembley Empire Pool in London. By the looks of it, the cameraman seems to be the one fighting far more to capture the video than the actually combatants. So, what do you think? Is this a sport we should pick up and maybe refine a little? I am sure the knockouts will look a lot different since the knocked out fighter looks more to be fighting his way down to the bottom of the pool than to actually be following the laws of physics. Are you up for a match?

Underwater Boxing Match From 1939

Via: [DiagonalUK]