Video Game Movies: By The Numbers [Infographic]

Not too long ago there was a trend that involved making every conceivable movie into a video game. Of course they were all made in different qualities, and more often than not, it was just all about getting it out there to milk the market of every last dime from the franchise. However, in many cases, the rushed video game actually made the movie look lame, and it possibly brought down the number of movie goers if it was a synchronized release. Lately there has been a shift in how these things work. Nowadays, the games actually become great movie franchises that bring in hundreds of millions in royalties all over the world.

IGN and Online Dating University put together an infographic that pretty much digs into the flora of video games that have become a movie or TV series. One of the most successful movies to be converted from a video game is of course Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. So far the franchise has brought in over 200 million dollars, and I suspect that a sequel will double that amount if not even triple it.

It’s all about finding the best story it seems, a story that will make movie goers understand that it’s a Hollywood blockbuster with awesome special effects, somewhat like in the video game itself. A video game that most people are waiting for is the Halo installation. It is said that Peter Jackson is to produce it, but over the years since it was first announced that it was going to be converted into a movie, the rumors have varied. The last word is that nobody really knows what is going on with the project. Right now Peter Jackson is in full gear producing the two movies for the Hobbit, which I am sure are going to surpass even his earlier records with The Lord of The Rings.

For further awesomeness, just have a look at this infographic, and you’ll know exactly what movies to check out if you haven’t already. Of course, always remember that each movie is a carbon copy of the video game, but usually based on the video game history and what it is all about. #JustSaying

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Video Game Movie Poster Infographic