Wanna Get Skinny? – Just Use This Lip Balm

What?? If this is actually true, then I’m blown away. Go ahead, tell me that I’m being naive again because there is just no way this is true, right?

Apparently there is now a lip balm that burns fat, and I’m not just talking about the fat in your lips. I’m saying this lip balm will give you a beach body.

Hmm… I guess this would be good to use after pigging out on some Cheez-It flavored lip balm, right? It’s called Burner Balm, and the company claims that the ingredients are absorbed into your blood stream not only through the blood vessels in your lips, but also by swallowing the product when you lick your lips. I’m addicted to lip balm anyway, so I might as well lose weight while using it, right? It sounds a lot easier than sweating away my time on the treadmill. I’m ordering a whole box of this magic potion today. You can order your own here. :)

[via ifitshipitshere]