Want Albert Einstein To Call You? Now He Will… Sorta

What a fun prank! Have you ever wanted to talk to Bill Clinton, Obama, Einstein, Tiger Woods, Lady Gaga, Steve Jobs or even a bikini clad hottie on your iPhone 4? Well, now is your chance! They will call you, or at least it will appear like they do.

This wacky little design, created by Amazing Calling, is a sticker which you put on your phone to make it look like these people are calling you. This product comes directly from Hong Kong, and you have to giggle at some of the English. Instead of Clinton, the decal is spelled Cliton.

The mind-twisting part of this little sticker is that it goes on the back of your phone. People will think you are talking backwards on it. You’ll definitely turn some heads and confuse people for a moment until they figure out what is up. This is such a creative idea! I’d pay $10 to talk to Steve Jobs or Einstein for sure! Who would you like to have a conversation with? You can see all your choices at Amazing Calling.

[via iPhone Savior]