Ketchup Gun Will Pew Pew Your Spaghetti Monsters

You might at some point in your life have encountered the food monsters who invade your dinner only to steal your spaghetti. It’s not a pleasant experience, and you are probably scarred and traumatized for life afterwards. Your childhood has a weird way of creeping up on you when you least expect it, right? Well, it is actually your older brother who tends to become the spaghetti monster, and he does everything to steal your food before you have even had the chance to finish it. Back then, you had no way to protect your homeland… ahum… your property and the defeat was usually hard to cope with. Well, things have changed since then and you are now older and more capable to take action.

So why not take the bull by its horns and venture out to settle the score with a little payback? The Ketchup Gun should put things back in order. It’s another one of those really awesome geek toys that originates in Japan. It’s a simple and straight forward little toy that I think everyone will know how to work. All you basically have to do is fill it up with your preferred brand of ketchup and then pew pew away at your spaghetti.

Take this badboy with you next time you visit the spaghetti monster… err… your brother, and make sure he understands who is running things now. This is the ultimate geek gadget to have in your fridge. Just the joy of pulling this retro ray gun out and putting it on the table is something I think every geek should have the pleasure of experiencing. Just make sure you always have ammunition for it though, and then you should be all good to go for battle. Let’s protect the land of pasta! We can do it! This product is available at Cool Gifts for just $12.95.




Via: [Only In Japan]