Watch It Shred – OMG It Hurts!

I bet you have wondered where all the drives end up when they get thrown away cause of their insufficient storage capacity. I investigated the matter and I was pretty awe struck when I saw the fait all our expensive hardware met when we no longer have any use of them. It’s quite painful to watch and it makes me want to take better care of my hard earned money spent on these iconic material addictions. I for sure ain’t throwing away my half working 2001 iPod with the bulky monochrome screen. I am saving it for my grandchildren to sell to a museum somewhere when a couple of generations have passed. I am sure someone has the capability to fix it to it’s glorious state it was in when I first bought it.

I managed to find several clips of the heartbreaking sound and visuals the bits and gigs meet after their expiration date has come and gone. Still, it hurts watching these disturbing images so be prepared. DESTRUCTION!!!

Watch It Shred – Drives!

Watch It Shred – Computers!

Watch It Shred – Asteroids – The Arcade Game!

Watch It Shred – Piano!

Watch It Shred – BMW!