WaveCave: The Geeky Way To Hide From The Sun On The Beach!

As a geek, summers can be quite daunting if the weather is sunny and warm. Some may think it’s because the only place we seem to like staying is in front of our screens. However, the fact that we spend so much time in front of the screen during all the other months of the year doesn’t exactly make us immune to the sun. After a busy winter and spring, walking out in the sun can be quite hazardous for many geeks. Lobster red skin and a farmer’s tan are to be expected, and there’s yet another reason why geeks keep from confronting the bright sun during hot summer days. Well, this at least could be the scenario, but today geeks are way more “normal” then they used to be, I guess.

However, if you were to still exist in the geek era of the ’80s, then you will probably find the WaveCave quite appealing. Originally designed and developed for surfers to be able to carry more than just their surf board down to the beach, it packs some neat features. How about a beach tent with your own little sun hatch to keep you hidden from the sun when you feel like the redness of your skin is becoming an annoyance for your eyes?

It’s simple to assemble, and the “bag” is way smaller than you might expect. I am sure you’ll be the king of the beach with this one. While ordinary people will carry their umbrella, towels, beach balls, surf boards and what have you, you will simply roll down to the beach with this genius bag. If that’s not the ultimate geekout, I don’t know what is. Brilliance! For more information about price and availability, check out their website.