Creative Ways To Organize Chaotic Cable Clutter In Your House [Chart]

Are you constantly tripping over the computer cords dangling out from behind your PC? Does the back of your computer look like a torture chamber with all those mysterious computer cables and wires strewn all over the floor? I’ve been writing about ways to organize computer cables for years. It’s one of those problems that most computer users experience, but few solve.

I know this because there have been hundreds of cord organizers that have hit the market over the past few years, yet everyone I know is still annoyed with this problem. Since I use my laptop 90% of the time, for me, it’s more of a mobile problem. I take my Macbook charger cord, iPad charger cord, iPhone charger cord, earpods, etc. with me almost everywhere. By the time I take them out of my bag, they are usually in a bundled up ball of messiness. It’s frustrating and time consuming to untangle them just to charge a device.

Like I said, there are tons of cord organizers we can buy to fix the problem, but what if you want to do something a little more creative? What if you want to make your own cord organizer from things you already have around the house? You can do that, and if you already have these things, you’ll be able to make some nifty ways to organize your cods without it costing you any money. This list comes from the always fun Yumi Sakugawa at WonderHowTo in a chart called How To Organize Your Chaotic Cable Clutter.

By using these ideas, you’ll be able to come up with ways to organize your cords with bread twist ties, binder clips, cardboard tubes, old credit cards, Velcro tape, duct tape, a CD spindle, an old sunglasses case, or even a hair clip. Never underestimate the power of reusing things around the house. My favorite way to organize earpods when mobile is still the mummy wrap. You can check that out at Mummy Wrap: The Earbud Wire Organizer That Lets You Wrap A Mummy.

15 Creative Ways To Organize Your Cable Clutter

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Header Image Credit: [Neil T. / Flickr]