Why Humanity Is All About Infographics

Some people have asked us why we are so keen on publishing infographics here on Bit Rebels, and the answer is really simple. It’s because we believe that they have a huge knowledge value requiring the reader very little energy to acquire that knowledge. We want to educate our readers through short, bite sized articles where you will not only learn pointless information that someday will come to good use, but also stuff that keeps you evolving and refining yourself and what you do. An infographic is the simplest way to pack and compile a bunch of data into a small space which is still easy to comprehend, and that’s what we are after.

I think Aaron Koblin hit it straight on with his statement, “data will make us more human.” Data is our knowledge, and that is what pretty much everyone is trying to acquire. Knowledge is power, and the more you have, the better you will solve problems in the future. Collecting data can of course be tedious and boring, but that’s why we should never stop developing our ways of acquiring it.

The inspiring talk that Aaron gave during his TEDtalk appearance is not only inspirational but also quite eye opening. The projects he’s been undertaking are some of the most creative ones you can think of, and I am truly amazed by the odd angles he has chosen in order to prove some of his points that data really makes us more human. I think you will just have to check out his talk for yourself, and you will know exactly what I mean. Hold onto your seat because things are about to get very creative and the pace will get very high. Brace yourself.

Why Humanity Is All Infographics