Working LEGO PIP-Boy 3000 Is Far From Your Standard LEGO Wear

If you can imagine it you can build it, that’s pretty much the essence of LEGO. Any kid or grownup that has ever had the opportunity to play around with LEGO knows just how immersive and satisfactory it can be to be able to completely get an idea out of your head. The 3D printer is in some ways an extension of that creativity. However, LEGO will continue to mesmerize people. Builds like this working LEGO PIP-Boy 3000 is a testament to that.

Simon Liu, one of many fanatic LEGO adventurers, decided to take on the legendary PIP-Boy 3000 from the Fallout series. It is one of the most iconic gadgets the gaming industry has ever seen. There are a lot of different working PIP-Boy 3000 builds out there, and most of them are stunning, but this particular one is unique in its own way. This build is actually made out of LEGO bricks and is sure to make you want to build one yourself.

Simon took on the build as part of his Iron Builder round against onosendai2600, another extraordinary LEGO builder. I can honestly say that I don’t think I have ever seen something so cool built with almost just LEGO bricks. I need to reveal that even though the title says that it is a working replica of the PIP-Boy 3000 (which, by the way, stands for Personal Information Processor), this build does not have the display hooked up to the buttons. However everything else works as intended.

It looks like Simon has used an iPhone, iPod or perhaps some other smartphone in order to give his build an extra bump of impressiveness. I personally don’t think it matters at all as the build in itself is so extraordinary and unique, it expresses LEGO pioneer with each added detail. I have been unsuccessful when trying to find out whether Simon won or not against his LEGO rival. Either way, this PIP-Boy 3000 LEGO certainly has a place in everyone’s hearts. It is one of those LEGO gadgets that just has to be featured, and we think you guys are going to love it as much as we do here at Bit Rebels.

Simon Liu’s Working LEGO PIP-Boy 3000 Build

LEGO PIP-Boy 3000 Build

LEGO PIP-Boy 3000 Build

LEGO PIP-Boy 3000 Build