World Record: 3,118 Coins Stacked On 1 Dime (This Is Insane!)

Have you ever checked out the website called Record Setter? It’s a great place to waste a few minutes (or hours). There are all kinds of world records on there that you can check out like… The most people that can be crammed into a minivan, the most consecutive knuckle push-ups on a concrete floor, and the longest time to balance a drumstick on a finger while balancing on an exercise ball.

That drumstick balancing on a finger record is held by Tai Star, who also just happens to be the person who now holds the record for the most coins stacked on a dime. I admire this man, not for his ability to stack over 3,000 coins on a single dime (although that is pretty impressive), but for his patience. WTF? I’m sure I would get bored and lose interest after stacking about 20 coins, and I’d move on to something else. It took him 7 hours to do this. Dude, you rock!

This hollow tower, which you’ll see is barely balancing on the edge of the table, is made up of about 600 quarters, 501 dimes, 313 nickels, 1699 pennies and 5 foreign coins. This feat gives the phrase, “Brother, can you spare a dime?” a whole new meaning.

Coins Balanced On Dime

Via: [Geekologie] [Daily Mail]