World’s First Animated Tattoo Is Pure Awesomeness

If you are connected with me on my Facebook account, you know I am a sucker for tattoos. I am constantly drawing up new ones, and I have many yet to make and get forever inked onto my body. I am very careful about what I choose to tattoo (as I would expect anyone to be), and I always draw my own motifs. I just wouldn’t want to walk around with something that someone in the same neighborhood has. That would be plain awkward really. Some people are afraid of tattoos because they think they will hurt too much to get, but the reality is that it isn’t so bad once you’ve gotten into the whole thing.

Recently a Paris based tattooist named K.A.R.L went where no one had ever gone before. He created the world’s first animated tattoo, and while doing it, he broadcasted the whole event on Facebook. It attracted a huge following, and people from all over the world tuned in to see what the whole thing was about. It sounds impossible to create an animated tattoo, I know, but if you stick with it for just a few seconds you will know what the whole thing is about.

I don’t want to ruin the surprise of what the animation is, but I can at least tell you that it has something to do with augmented reality. It’s become a huge thing, and people seem to flock around the many possibilities it has opened up. Basically what you do is tattoo a barcode or something else that the camera on your smartphone will be able to read, and once the phone has registered your unique pattern, the phone will play back something that it has been loaded with. However, this one is completely scaled, and when putting the smartphone on top of the tattoo it seems to integrate with the tattoo itself with the slight difference that it is animated. As the title says, pure awesomeness!

First Animated Augmented Reality Tattoo