World’s Most Popular Superpowers

With all the developing going on in the technology arena, and what we have been able to recreate from movies like Star Wars and Star Trek, I keep wondering when we will start to really enter the field of superpowers. There is definitely a need for it, and some advances have already been made, and by that, I of course mean the exoskeleton that keeps getting smaller and more powerful by the day.

However, when are the really cool superpowers going to enter the the real world and keep us safe? That is a question that no one can really pinpoint the answer to, but there are research and development being done as we speak, I am sure. If we were to categorize all the superpowers and look at what powers are most popular amongst the superheroes, maybe we would get a kind of road map for what is most likely to come out of the mind factories of the researchers. Using DC Comics and Marvel as sources, someone put together an infographic (sort of) with the most popular superpowers represented. The larger the text, the more popular they are within the world of heroes.

Personal flight is of course going to be a little tricky, and we have been working on that for the most part for several decades now. But then again, none of the other powers are exactly easy to recreate either, so I guess we will still have to wait quite a while before we will see someone running around in tights and a mask trying to fight crime. The most probable scenario is that someone will believe they have super powers and try to fight crimes not knowing they will probably get the surprise of a lifetime when someone causes them great harm. This is not good and definitely not recommended. I think we should just wait until the researchers find something that resembles superpowers. At least that’s what I will do, period!

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Most Popular Superpowers In World