Worlds Scariest Bridge – Would you?

I would consider myself quite well travelled and I have done my share of bridge walking as I love mountain climbing and it sometimes takes a couple of bridges to get to a great trail to climb. I have driven across some of Europe’s longest bridges and still that is NOTHING compared to what you are about to see in this clip. If you actually are crazy enough to try out this bridge just make sure your health insurance will cover it. I wouldn’t mind knowing where this bridge is located for you daredevils out there. But I am sure there are several other bridges out there, maybe in the same area as this one, that are as scary as this one. I wonder what the creator thought when building it. -“Yeah, well I think that’s enough…as long as it works.”

You wouldn’t get me even close enough to this bridge to take a photo without a proper security line to start with. Would you walk over this? What WOULD make you walk over this?