Yoda Blacklight Tattoo Glows In The Dark

Thinking about getting a new tattoo? Well if you do, make sure it is something that you are going to enjoy for the remainder of your life. That’s at least what people used to say. Today there are quite advanced and safe methods to remove tattoos which leave little or no visible trace of them. Of course, it depends on your skin, the size of the tattoo and a few other things. It’s still always a good thing to let the thought of a new tattoo marinate for a while before you get it. I personally have a few, and I don’t regret a single one of them, at least not yet. When it comes to geeky tattoos, there are some people out there who have some pretty pimpin’ ones. They are tattoos that most people would think you were insane if you ever thought about getting one. They are the blacklight tattoos.

We have written about tattoos here on Bit Rebels many times before, and they vary in style, shape and form. For the most part, we have covered Star Wars-themed tattoos, which is a motif a lot of people get. I dare to say that I have stumbled across perhaps one of the geekiest tattoos yet, at least of the ones I have covered here on Bit Rebels. This particular one of Yoda wielding a lightsaber is inked by Kenneth Bryan over at Intimate Body Art Studios, and it is a blacklight tattoo.

You might ask, “So it’s Yoda, so what?” but here’s the kicker. The lightsaber and Yoda’s eyes are actually tattooed in blacklight ink, which means that when the blacklight tattoo is exposed to UV light, it will start to glow (or however that works). Yes, all of a sudden Yoda’s eyes and lightsaber come to life. I am pretty sure you haven’t seen that before. It’s one of those rare blacklight tattoos that I think put on the right body, could get a lot of attention. It’s an epic tattoo that will most likely stick around for a while as one of the coolest ones we have covered over the years. Blacklight tattoo ink is becoming more and more widespread. The question is just what people are going to ink with it. Any ideas?

Kenneth Bryan’s Yoda Blacklight Tattoo


Via: [Obvious Winner]