Your Life Before & After The Internet Goes Down [Humor]

What do you do when your Internet goes down? We’ve already seen the scientific study which determined that Americans go crazy even when their Internet is slow (it took official research to figure that out?), but what about if it goes out altogether? Richard and I always joke about who has the better Internet connection. I live in Atlanta, and he lives in Stockholm, so it’s a funny debate. His Internet connection has gone down a couple times in the past few months, so as of right now, I’m *winning.* It always makes me giggle to know that when his connection is down, he’s sitting over there in Sweden rotting, while I’m cheerfully being productive. :)

Usually when my connection is down, I get in my car and drive somewhere where it’s up. It’s as simple as that. I find a cozy coffee shop, cafe, restaurant or wherever, and jump on the wi-fi with my laptop. According to the pictures below, some people are surprisingly useful around the house when their Internet is down.

This cracks me up because my refrigerator is empty 90% of time, my desk looks super messy, and there are dishes in my kitchen sink. I also have unopened mail sitting on the counter, a stack of laundry that needs washing, and a car in the garage that hasn’t been cleaned for as long as I can remember. I suppose I could take care of those things around the house that need my attention, but isn’t being online waaaaay more fun? Yeah, I thought so.

What We Do Internet Down

Via: [Make Use Of] Header Image Credit: [Chad Zuber / Shutterstock]