Zombies in Plain English

Alright, so let me paint up the scenario for you. It’s Saturday afternoon, you’re in full gear of preparing that party that you and your friends have been planning for ages. Party hats, drinks, food, you name it. Everything has to be perfect for the evening when they come. But that’s when it happens. The door is kicked in, you hear growlings and screams as if someone is badly hurt. A lifelong chill runs through your body in just a fraction of a second. You know your last breath is soon to be inhaled and most likely you will never feel what it feels to exhale it. You’re doomed. Your fait it sealed.

Even if your first thought might circulate the fact that you are no longer to be around tomorrow there is still a second question you are now questioning yourself. What to do? Lucky for you I found a “Commoncraft” tutorial that explains just how to behave and how you can better your chances of feeling tomorrows warm sunlight grace the skin of your face.

Are you ready for an attack? Are you prepared if your neighbor turns from that kind loyal friend into a killing machine? Are you ready for Zombies? I don’t think so. You better take a look at this clip to make sure you can survive the feeding frenzy when it happens. After all, it’s soon Halloween right? Haha, enjoy!