10 Design Tips For Wedding Invitations

The design of wedding cards and invitation letters is an important part of any wedding. An appealing wedding card is bound to increase guests’ interest in attending your wedding. The invitation to your special day should be just as special as the day itself, and hence a lot of effort goes into the design and development of wedding cards.

They, understandably, take time and effort to design, and there are a lot of factors that play an essential role in the development of any wedding card. You can also hire an invitation maker or make your own by choosing www.videocreek.com/make/invitation-maker to give a professional touch to your wedding card.

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Here is a list of such design tips that can give an edge to your wedding invitation card.

  1. The Family Pride Card: Celebrate your two families by inculcating your ancestral pride into your wedding card. These cards may contain pictures of your ancestors and even information about their lives and times. These cards can have a distinct old-timey feel about them which can make them stand out of the regular cards that people generally might receive in the mail.
  2. The Acrylic Card: These types of cards are very new in the market. Paper wedding cards have been used for very long by couples and wedding organisers. Why not change the style of your wedding card by changing the material the card is printed on? These wedding cards are a single acrylic plate that contains all the information the guest might need about the wedding. However, they are as fine and elite as they are expensive. These cards feel good on the hand and excite the guest about the wedding.
  3. Mini Books: Change your card into a whole illustrated book with this kind of wedding card. Instead of the same old card containing information about your wedding, create an entire illustrated book containing all the different types of information you want your guests to know. Tell them the stories of your lives, your dreams, and your experiences, all in one wedding card. Be sure to have a great illustrator make all the pictures that you want, and a great designer design your card with the newest of fonts and typefaces.
  4. Plant Paper: Over the past years, this type of wedding card has grown by leaps and bounds in popularity as well as prevalence. The main principle of this type of wedding card is that the material that the card is made of is embedded with seeds of a particular flower-bearing plant. After the use of the card is over, the card may be torn up and sowed into the soil of your garden, and soon enough, a plant will emerge at the place of the card. This card delivers important messages about the continuity of life and is eco-friendly.
  5. Marble Pattern: As you might have noticed often, wedding invitation cards generally come with some kind of a floral pattern. However, marble patterns have become all the rage in the last few years. The marble pattern gives an elegant feel to the paper or cardboard in which the invitation to the wedding has been printed. If the paper is laminated, it can be refined to give the perfect marble feel as well.
  6. Retro: A wedding invite can be the perfect place to showcase your fondness for the retro style. The cover of the wedding card, as well as any goodies you choose to send along with it, can be moulded into the perfect retro flavor according to the decade that you prefer the most. You can also choose from among the hundreds of retro fonts that are available on the internet for free. A retro-styled card can be the perfect dose of nostalgia for your guests as well as your family.
  7. Vellum Paper Invite: Vellum paper is yet another material that has gained a lot of traction with wedding organizers over the past few years. If you wish for your wedding card to be simple and sweet, without the requirement or use of a lot of bright colors, vellum paper can undoubtedly come to your rescue. The vellum paper can help understate the colors on your wedding card, and mellow down its effect, giving it the perfect sophisticated finish that you desire. It is also great to touch and is bound to impress every invitee who can get their hands on this sophisticated card.
  8. Maps and Venue: Your card can certainly be entirely centered around the map of the location where your wedding is to be held, as well as the venue of the wedding. Complement your card with a great illustration of where your wedding will be held, and go over the top with the description of the location to impress your guests even more. This type of card is perfect, especially for destination weddings and the wedding held in grandiose banquet halls.
  9. Graphic Invitation: Complement your invitation with custom graphics of the couple, or of people and things near and dear to them. A custom invitation does especially well in getting people excited about your wedding.
  10. Website: It is a popular fad nowadays for a couple to create a website for their wedding. And rightly so. A short wedding card may not be able to convey all the information you want your guests to have, and a website gives you a lot of leeways to be able to communicate to prospective guests what you want. You may add the link to the website to the wedding card for the guests to be able to access it. Alongside this, you may also send an email to all your guests with the link to the website you have created for the event. Additionally, a video can also be put up that presents the life and memories of the couple. You can either use a video maker for a wedding or download an online video editor to upgrade an already existing video.


The wedding card is much more than just a piece of paper – it communicates a lot of information to the recipient of the card and thus must be paid a lot of heed to. To put on your creative hats and get designing your perfect wedding card.

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