10 Paradise Places You Have Not Heard About Yet

Everybody loves traveling! Everyone in this world has at least one dream location they would love to visit in their lifetime. It could be an in-country resort that has unique features that cannot be found elsewhere. Or it could be a resort in another country, a side-attraction worthy of awe and wonder. Whichever you want to see, one thing is sure – there’s never a dull moment especially when traveling with family and friends!

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10 Beautiful Paradise Locations To See Around The World

As a student, I once had the privilege of working with the college papers writing services which do essay on any subject to edit a maiden version of the university’s magazine. One of the articles submitted for this project involved a compilation of several dream honeymoon and leisure vacations. The compilation was done based on popular opinions of the Undergraduate students of the university. All destinations had appeal and offered some sort of adventure or the other. However, the following ten destinations are the ones that can be seen as the most interesting.

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1. Marieta Island, Mexico

Known as ‘Playa de Amor” by locals (meaning Hidden Beach), the main appeal is perhaps the mode of access to this beautiful place – it can only be reached by sailing through underwater caves. The beach itself is surrounded by a thick maze of greenery that makes the spot of the attraction look like a crater in the vegetation, hence its name. The island features crystal clear waters and a wide diversity of birds to whom the island is a habitat – the perfect ‘getaway’ location.

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2. Isola Bella

Breathtaking scenery is everywhere– but none as breathtaking as the views of Italy’s Isola Bella. The island, located on Maggiore Lake, is a once-in-a-lifetime sight, not to be forgotten. Its biggest attraction is the Borromeo Palace, which occupies a greater part of the island’s area. Magnificent birds, multilevel gardens, and exquisite terraces complete the general beauty and prestige of the island.

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3. Flores Island

This name is carried by two islands – one in Indonesia and one in Portugal. My description would focus on the Flores Island in Portugal, which incidentally is also a UNESCO heritage site. Located specifically in the Azores, an autonomous region in Portugal, Flores boasts a natural park with some of the world’s rarest plants and animals. It’s sometimes referred to as a ‘flower cape’ because its diverse plants produce many colorful flowers that dot the landscape like a cape. Other side attractions here include rice fields, natural hot springs, and well-known caves.

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4. Lençóis Maranhenses

The Lençóis Maranhenses is a beautiful, national park located in the Brazilian northeastern state of Maranhão. The park is a protected area, featuring a massive landscape of desert with tall, white sand dunes. Every rainy season, the dunes are transformed into pools filled with clear, turquoise waters and interesting fauna. The mystery till date lies in how these creatures ever make to the desert dunes in the first place. The pools reach full volume around July till September.

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5. The Marble Caves

If you want to understand how much of an artist Mother Nature can be, this breathtaking site in Chile, which are also the best place ever where work dissertation services, will be an answer for you. The Marble Caves of Patagonia are found on a peninsula of solid, mind-boggling marble. Carefully carved by years of exposure to light and erosion, the caves take on different color shades through the year due to changes in watercolor affected by different seasons. The caves are accessible only by ferry or boat but are worth the sight.

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6. Las Lajas Sanctuary

For those who love architectural sites, there’s an incredible basilica masterpiece that sits in a gorge on the border between two South American countries, Ecuador and Colombia. A perfect example of the true beauty of neo-Gothic architecture, the sanctuary is almost 45 feet above the gorge and has truly eye-catching interior designs.

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7. Saint-Marcel d’Ardèche Cave

The small village of Bidon in southeastern France has an attraction unlike any other – a cave featuring a vast array of halls, water basins holding crystal clear waters and colorful rocks found in underground galleries. It’s a beautiful spot for a field trip for all ages.

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8. Dongchuan Red Land

This interesting spectacle is found in Kunming, Yunnan Province and is sometimes nicknamed as ‘God’s Magic Palette’ due to the unique color of the soil. The main color is red due to the presence of large quantities of iron in the soil that had been oxidized over the years, giving the ground a reddish hue. Green is supplied by the greenery that grows there, and some areas feature a hue of colors like purple, yellow and the ones alike. The contributing colors are made possible by the activities of local peasants who grow different crops through the year, making the area look like a priced oil painting.

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9. Popeye Village

Three kilometers from the core of Mellieħa, Malta is a collection of rustic and ramshackle wooden buildings. But this is no ordinary collection. It’s a film set village built purposefully for the famous ‘Popeye’ musical. Nowadays, the area has been converted into an amusement park and is a major tourist spot in Malta. The original structures used for the musical were preserved, and the tourist attraction now includes boat rides and food outlets with superb cuisines.

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10. Blagaj, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Blagaj is considered to be ‘the real fairytale town’ by those who have visited the village. Located in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country in southeastern Europe, the village-town features a monastery with distinctive Ottoman architecture mixed with the Mediterranean style. The place also features small, white houses planned around azure waters and small waterfalls.

The world is a beautiful place – our evaluations of its beauty can only depend on how much of the world we are ready to see. At the end of it all, the experience and the thrill of visiting the most beautiful places in the world create priceless moments and memories that we carry in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

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