10 Perfect Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Picture for a moment what it would be like if you can bring joy to the face of a coffee lover. Imagine how you’d feel that you can relieve some of the stress a coffee lover faces to have the required items for brewing coffee at home. The good news is that dreaming about it isn’t just a fantasy – it can happen.

And all you must do to is choose out of the gifts discussed below.

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1. Ember Ceramic Mug

It has been proven that after you’ve poured your coffee in a standard mug (or an insulated cup), it loses at least one-degree temperature every minute. Thus, you are likely to have a lukewarm liquid 15 minutes after the brew. To prevent this from happening, your best option is to use an ember mug. The fact that it can sync with your smartphone and can heat your coffee (or any other beverage) to within a degree of your choice makes it even more appealing. Also, the bottom doesn’t heat unless there is a liquid in the mug. It contains a sensor that determines the presence or absence of a liquid in the mug. Granted it slightly expensive at $90, I believe it’s well worth the price.

2. Hario Coffee Drip Scale/Timer

When you are brewing your coffee, it can be difficult (sometimes impossible) to ‘tare’ the scale and start the timer. A simple and effective solution to these two problems is the Hario scale. It has an inbuilt timer and can measure weight in 0.01 gram. Thus, allowing you to brew using time and weight with accurate precision. Don’t forget that when making coffee the two most accurate measures are time and weight.

3. Lavazza Coffee

If you want a smooth espresso with a velvety mouth-feel, Lavazza coffee provides you with a rich and creamy taste of the real Italian espresso.

4. Coffee Joulies

This little bean-shaped item is made of 85% stainless-steel casing. Also, it contains a special material that helps keep your coffee at about 140 degrees Fahrenheit – the ideal temperature for drinking. By tossing one or two Joulies in your brew, you can cool down a “too hot” brew to a temperature that will make it easy for you to start sipping your coffee. Each Joulie contains approximately four ounces of liquid. Hence, the size of your serving will determine the number of Joulies you will need.

5. LINO Coffee Mug Gift

Whether it’s the handle, the thickness at the lip or the weight, there is always something wrong with most mugs – none seem to be perfect. However, the lino coffee mug contains a set of four mugs with varying shape, size, weight, and perfect handles. Any coffee lover who likes to brew for a crowd will cherish these set of four 10-ounce mugs.

6. KeepCup Travel Mug

This 12-ounce mug made with a combination of glass and cork can liven up any commute. Its lid has a cover (which prevents spillage if there’s need for you to run), you can hold the cork comfortably and surprisingly, the tempered glass is durable.

The mugs have various lid colors and are safe to be put in a microwave.

7. The World Atlas Of Coffee

Written by James Hoffman, this is the most comprehensive book about coffee that I’ve ever read. It is highly recommended for every coffee lover. It:

  • Demystifies brewing techniques
  • Breaks down the roasting process
  • Explains the impact of terroir and variety on flavor
  • Explains the origins of various coffee

The information shared by James in this book is easily digestible.

8. HIRT’s Arabica Coffee Bean Plant

Apart from proving years of beauty, the gift of a sapling Arabica tree provides some coffee beans. Though one in an average of temperature-controlled plants grown in the living room might produce a handful, a plant grown in tropical environments will produce a pound’s worth.

9. Nuvo Eco-Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster

If you are intimidated by the brewing your coffee at home, this little hand-held stovetop might be your best option. It works like a manual popcorn popper and can hold up to 70 grams of coffee. There are only three steps involved for you to produce fresh coffee:

  • Put the coffee into the base
  • Start the heat on the gas stove
  • Keep shaking the coffee beans till it’s roasted to your desired level.

A coffee maker is a great gift for any coffee lover.

10, A Wall-Mounted Coffee Filter Holder

Not only does this filter holder give your kitchen an attractive look, but it also keeps pour-over filters tidy and close. It complements even the sleekest brewing equipment with its modern look.

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