10 Places You Must Visit When You’re In Spain

Spain is one of the most visited countries in Europe. Every single corner of the country is different from the next, giving travelers a lot of places to explore and marvel at. Here are ten different cities in Spain that can give you as holistic an experience of the country as possible.

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1. Valencia

Known as the home of the legendary paella, Valencia, the third largest city in the country, is home to some of the most striking works of architecture that can be found in Spain. With an international airport that flies to other destinations in Europe, it has an abundance of art and culture, and the beaches are difficult to miss.

2. Bilbao

One of the lesser visited cities in Spain, Bilbao is a city that is no less pretty and lively than its more popular neighbors. This tiny port city in Northern Spain is home to some internationally known art museums and is surrounded by the green coastal mountains of the Basque Country.

3. Toledo

The Spanish city of Toledo is the historic home of three different religious communities: Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Aside from its cultural diversity, however, this walled city is located high up on a hill that overlooks the plains located at the heart of Spain and is home to beautiful architecture that one can just get lost in.

4. Granada

This city is better visited during autumn or spring, for weather conditions otherwise can go to extremes that people who aren’t used to the climate can find difficult to bear. Situated at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Andalusia, Granada is full of breathtaking views and beautiful buildings that can be enjoyed during the day, and wild parties and live music performances that will occupy your nights.

5. Seville

Home to some UNESCO World Heritage sights like the Alcazar and the General Archive of the Indies, Seville has much more to offer than heritage sights. The fourth largest city in Spain, and the capital of Andalusia, Seville is also known for being the home of flamenco, and the neighborhood of Triana is where all the flamenco action is.

6. San Sebastian

This city on the coast of the Basque Country is best known for its culinary diversity. The tapas, known here as pintxos, is one of many good items that tourists cannot miss. But the food isn’t the only thing to look out for in San Sebastian; the beaches are beautiful to look at and be in, and the art scene in the city is vibrant. Film lovers will be delighted if the San Sebastian Film Festival happens during their trip.

7. Cordoba

Like Toledo, Cordoba is also a city that has a strong presence of three different religious cultures, Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. The most interesting structure in the city has to be the mosque-cathedral, which was historically a cathedral but used by both Christians as well as Muslims later on.

8. Ibiza

Ibiza is well known around the world for its buzzing nightlife and music scene, and it definitely lives up to that reputation. The beaches and nightclubs around the city offer a great way to spend your nights partying away to glory. Some of the beaches are better known for their serenity rather than activity, and the hippy market can give you lots of opportunities to splurge.

9. Madrid

Right from the Gran Via to the Temple of Debod, Madrid, the capital of Spain has no shortage of attractive sights. With plenty of shopping districts, large old theaters and monuments that reflect all the different cultures that inhabit the city, Madrid is known as one of Europe’s most colorful cosmopolitan cities.

10. Barcelona

Barcelona is arguably the city you absolutely cannot leave out of your itinerary while planning a trip to Spain. Located in the Catalan region of Spain, it has beautiful mountains that you can just lose yourself in or participate in the fun activities that are hosted by the amusement parks on the mountain. Barcelona has a little bit of everything. This website, Vesping.com, has an easy way of getting around the city.

Your trip to Spain can be tailor-made to suit your personal preferences and needs. Hopefully, this list can help you narrow down what you want to see and where you want to go.

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