The Ultimate Layover Guide – A Handbook For All Frequent Flyers

Long airport layovers can be incredibly exhausting and mundane. However, if you know about the facilities available at the airport beforehand, then you can make the most of this time. These days, most airports provide several amenities that can make a 12-hour layover a comfortable and luxurious experience. In fact, some of the international airports are so fancy that they can put a hotel to shame.

The trick lies in finding out the details of the airport before you take off so that you can prepare in advance for the impending layover. Presented by Taxi2Airport, here is the ultimate layover guide that will help you breeze through any layover no matter how long.

This airport layover infographic provides all the information that you need to brace yourself for a long layover. The first and foremost requirement of most travelers is unlimited access to the internet, so that they may utilize the layover to catch up on work or to browse through social media.

Luckily, almost all of the 50 busiest airports in the world are equipped with charging stations and offer free wi-fi to the flyers. However, some airports still charge for wi-fi or provide limited access, these include JFK airport in New York and O’Hare airport in Chicago.

Surprisingly enough, some airports still do not provide power sockets, so carrying a portable charger to these airports is a must if you wish to stay connected with the digital world.

An example is the Miami International Airport where you won’t be able to spot any charging stations. The infographic provides the details of all the airports that offer unlimited free wi-fi and charging points. If you are headed to the Dubai International Airport or the Munich Airport, you do not need to worry about drained batteries or unread emails!

If work is the last thing on your mind and a digital detox is what you need then you can head over to the sleep pods or nap zones provided by most airports or perhaps put together an amazing calendar by utilizing calendar printing. These rest cabins will allow you to relax and unwind before the long flight ahead. What is more, several airports not just provide you a comfortable bed but also offer spa facilities and relaxation areas equipped with yoga rooms and salons!

The Kuala Lumpur International Airport offers spa treatments, massages, and quiet rooms while the Indira Gandhi International Airport goes one step ahead and has a full-fledged hotel on the premises. Don’t be shocked to find zen gardens awaiting you at the relaxation area of Singapore Changi Airport, just breathe in and enjoy the atmosphere. This ultimate layover guide will make sure that you do not miss out on the complete airport experience.

If you wish to kill time with some entertaining activities then the casinos and gaming arcades at the airport will have your back. This airport layover infographic covers all the recreational activities offered by different airports, be it the simulation golf at Hong Kong International Airport or the children’s play area at Tokyo Haneda Airport.

Furthermore, the infographic also provides the ratings of the different services available at the respective airports. With such useful information at hand, the layover can actually prove to be more amazing than the final destination. This ultimate layover guide will transform your layover nightmares into a pleasant dream because being prepared is always a good thing. – For more travel tips and guidance, click here!

Layover Guide For All Frequent Flayers

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