10 Of The Sexiest Shades For Platinum Blonde Hair You Will Want To Try

Have you always wanted to have platinum blonde hair but were too afraid to Try? Platinum blonde is all the rage right now and it will never go out of style. Men go crazy for a sexy babe with platinum blonde tresses.

Platinum blonde hair has come along way. Gone are days of bleaching your hair and leaving it a dry shade of white blonde. With all the advances in hair color these days, there is no end the number of options for platinum blonde hairstyles.

You should get your platinum blonde color done at a salon to keep it from drying out. Also, remember to keep your hair conditioned and do not over-shampoo. And protect your hair from the sun and chlorine. Go easy on heat and hair product and make regular appointments with your stylist to maintain your gorgeous platinum blonde color.

Still not sure? Check out some of our favorite looks for platinum blonde hair and see if we can change your mind.

10 Must Try Looks For Platinum Blonde Hair

1. Pearl Platinum Blonde Beach Waves

This shimmery shade of platinum blonde is simply fabulous. It is the perfect shade for those who are not afraid to go all over palest blonde. If you want to add some multi-dimensional tones, don’t be afraid to mix in a slightly darker e of pale blonde to add some depth.

Your hair will shine like a diamond with this stunning pearl blonde. Add in some subtle waves to your long tresses to really give this look some volume.

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2. Golden Blonde And Platinum Blonde Balayage

For a platinum blonde shade that has both warm and cool tones, try this stunning blend of champagne blonde and icy blonde hues. It gives adds another level of dimension to platinum blonde hair for those who want a bit more depth to their hair color.

This color combo is pretty with any hairstyle but is great if you want a shorter bob as it adds texture and movement. This shaggy blonde bob is ideal if you want to remove some weight from your long locks.

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3. Icy Platinum Blonde Hair

Short wavy hair is so pretty in platinum blonde. This icy blonde is a combination of a light ash blonde and a silvery white blonde to give it a very shimmery look. Ask for a very light ash blonde but go heavy on the light platinum blonde to give it a smooth and silky finish. Blow dry your hair and make some soft waves with your curling wand or flat iron to add some fullness to this sexy shade of light blonde.

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4. Iridescent Platinum Blonde

Mother of pearl, or iridescent blonde, is a stunningly gorgeous choice for platinum blonde hair. This look is truly multidimensional with its light ash blonde and silvery blonde shades that will shimmer underneath the lights. And this choppy blonde with long layers will add body to any type of hair, whitener thick or thin.

If you have naturally wavy hair, you can simply tousle it and go. However, if you don’t big loose waves are easy to add with a large curling wand.

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5. Silver And Ash Platinum Blonde Wavy Hair

Silver hair is very much en-vogue at the moment and this pretty silvery ash blonde tone is no exception. Start off with a medium ash blonde base and then ask for chunky platinum blonde highlights to give it a pretty blonde glow. Ask for shaggy layers to add more texture and body. For a wavy look, make loose curls with a flat iron or curling wand. If you want your hair to look more natural, leave the ends straight and shaggy by only curling the midpoint of your hair.

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6. Dark To Silver Blonde Ombre Melt

If you prefer an ombre fade over a balayage blend, this dark golden blonde to silver blonde fade is perfect. Start off with a dark golden blonde base and melt into a silvery gray blonde with some light golden blonde highlight throughout. This look is the epitome of depth and dimension. And it looks so pretty on this choppy lob. Add a texturizing product and blow dry your hair straight. Smooth it out with a flat iron for a sleek finish.

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7. Copper Blonde With Icy Blonde Highlights

If you prefer a more subtle shade of platinum blonde, this copper and platinum blonde balayage is striking yet a bit more refined. The longer side bangs that frame the face are very flattering in the icy silver blonde. There is a definite multi-tonal look going on, but it is not overly dramatic if you just want a hint of platinum blonde color. This is look is especially pretty on straight tresses so take the time to straighten your hair and don’t forget the shine serum.

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8. Creamy Buttery Blonde

If you prefer a very soft look when it comes to platinum blonde hair, this soft and creamy buttery blonde could be right up your alley. The light golden blonde tones are a perfect compliment for the icy blonde platinum hues. Together they mold into a gorgeous buttery blonde that will be sure to turn all the boy’s heads. Add in some big, loose waves to soften it up even more for a fun and flirty vibe.

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9. Arctic Blast Platinum Blonde

Looking for a really dramatic platinum blonde that will stop traffic? How about this glamorous arctic blast of honey blonde and silvery-white blonde hues? The pale platinum blonde has almost a light bluish hue that makes this shade even more striking. Show off your long wavy locks with this platinum blonde hair by spraying sea salt spray in your dampened hair and letting it dry to form long flowy beach waves.

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10. Silver And Gold Platinum Blonde Hair

If you want the best of both worlds, why not try this silver platinum blonde and dark golden blonde blend the perfect contrast of cool and warm hues. This sensuous blend of gold and silver balayage tones is full of texture and dimension and looks stunning on wavy hair. This short wavy bob is a great way to showcase your icy blonde and golden locks.

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Are you feeling inspired by these sexy looks for platinum blonde hair? Do you think you are ready to go bold and go blonde? Call your stylist today to make an appoint and discuss which of these sassy light blonde shades is best for you.

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