RageGage: The Adult Temper Tantrum Tool

The daily traffic jams we have in Atlanta aren’t for the weak. If you know anything about the weather here, you know that for about nine months out of the year it’s hot and sticky with a humidity level that many days reaches 100%. Sitting in a traffic jam on I-285 is so hot and nasty that you’ll be dripping in buckets of sweat by the time you get where you’re going. When you look at the streets in the sunshine, you can see the moisture and smoke coming off the pavement.

Usually we hear stories about how the traffic jams here cause misery in people’s lives, but for Ian Campbell, the daily grind to work sparked a brilliant idea. After almost destroying the console of his car from smashing it with his fist in a fit of frustration over the Atlanta traffic, he invented the RageGage smashing pads.

The RageGage is a nifty little device which you can place almost anywhere. It is designed for you to smash, hit and totally temper-tantrum out on. It is programmed to detect your level of rage, and it responds accordingly with everything from hurling insults to calming techniques. If you would like to change the voice on your RageGage, you can download new voice packs which include some celebrities.

Anger Management Smash Pad

RageGage even has the ability to hook up to Facebook so you can smack your Facebook friends when they send too many status updates or that gaming crap. And, as if all that wasn’t enough, if the day ever comes when you get your rage under control, and you no longer need your RageGage, it has another purpose for you. Just plug it into your USB port and use it as a gaming controller. There are games you can play on the RageGage site also. If you are one of those people who feels the need to hit something when you get angry, this little customizable smash pad might be just what you need. They come in all different styles and colors. You can pick one up over at RageGage for only 20 bucks.

Anger Management Tool Smashpad

Anger Management Tool RageGage

Via: [Chip Chick] [Ubergizmo] [TechLaunchPad] Header Image Credit: [Darrin Henry / Shutterstock]