10 Signs You Are Truly Happy [Infographic]

Do you keep thinking that life is always better around the corner? I don’t know how many times I have heard friends tell me that they are not happy with life, and the way it treats them. They could have unlimited amounts of money, a family who loves them, a million friends and even great heath. These things don’t really matter much to them, and they are always feeling like something is missing. It makes me think it’s not really life itself that makes us wonder about the purpose of our existence. It might just be us and our constant thinking that what we have just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Something life has taught me is that whatever you get is a gift that is meant for you. It is meant to be appreciated and not questioned. If you constantly question the moments and gifts that life throws your way, you can’t really blame anyone but yourself for not appreciating them. To live in the now is the best decision you can ever make.

Sure, you can always make up plans and dreams, but make sure you start realizing them now and not putting them off for a day when you no longer have the capability or the means to realize them. That would be a mistake that you will forever regret, and one that you can never undo. It’s just how life works, and we should all get used to it as soon as we can in order to really feel at home and happy, no matter what it is we’re going through.

So how do you know if you’re happy? Well, that is such a universal question that it would literally take me over a year to explain, if I ever could. You know you’re happy when you appreciate everything you get, and when you know that you mean as much to your friends as they mean to you. Of course there is sadness, frustration, annoyances, depression and all kinds of emotions that we go through every once in a while, but know that these things are there to make life livable. What would a happy moment mean if we didn’t know what the opposite felt like, right?

Have a look at this infographic designed by Evan Made and published by Networx. It lists some of the things that will tell you that you are already happy. It doesn’t have to be harder than this really. Are you smiling? Are you looking out of the window while it rains and thinking that it would be as much of an adventure to walk out in the rain as it would be if it was a sunny day? Well, I guess you have already answered your own question. We can’t all be happy all the time, but it is a choice that I think you are able to make all by yourself. It doesn’t take much to be happy, as long as you try.

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Via: [Visual.ly]