10 Tips To Help You Sleep Comfortably On Your Next Flight

Is there not enough legroom? Are the noises from video games and screaming children disturbing your sleep? Is the sunlight from your neighboring passenger’s window bothering you? Then, continue reading the article to know about the best tips to sleep comfortably on any flight because a human body needs seven to eight hours of proper sleep every day.

If you are not able to get some quality sleep on the flights, then don’t worry. All you need to do is select the right seat, gear, and tweak some of your in-flight habits to get proper sleep. Now, let’s know about the best travel-tested tips for sleeping better on planes.

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1. Put Our Seatbelt Over The Blanket

As we know that sleeping on a flight is a difficult task, but what if you are sleeping comfortably and a flight attendant wakes you up to buckle your seatbelt. It would definitely irritate you, so to avoid this, first wrap yourself in a blanket, and then buckle your seatbelt over it. In this way, the flight attendant will not disturb and let you sleep in peace.

2. Get A Good Sleeping Position

If you are flying business class, then you don’t have to worry much. The seats are large, comfortable, and it can also be transformed into a bed when required. But, if you’re in Economy, things might get a little different. The seats in the Economy class do not have much legroom, so you can’t stretch your legs.

All you can do is put your seat as far back as you can. You should not worry about the passenger sitting behind because almost everyone does this when flying at night. The seats are designed in such a way to provide you the most natural position for sleeping.

3. Pack The Right Gear

 When you’re at home, you would be using a blanket to keep yourself warm. So, why not carry a blanket in your flight. It will help to keep you warm and will also give you home like feeling. You should also carry a U-shaped pillow, but instead of keeping it at the back of your neck, try to put in front, so that your head will not wobble and the chin can rest comfortably. Also, carry a mask to cover your eyes so that you would not get disturbed by the lights of the plane.

The primary reason why people are not able to sleep on flights is noise. It can be from passengers, children, or from the plane as well. To avoid the noise get some earplugs or noise cancellation headphones. So, when you want to sleep, just plug in the headphones, and your co-passengers will not engage with you.

4. Use Comfortable Clothes

Remove your shoes and just wear socks if you are on a long-haul flight. It will make you more comfortable. Most of the frequent fliers prefer wearing lightweight pajamas once they are on the plane. You can go for large pants if you feel uncomfortable changing clothes in mid-air.

If you are wearing tight-fitted clothes on a long-haul flight, then the chances of having DVT or  Deep Vein Thrombosis increases. Therefore, wear clothes which do not prevent the blood flowing in your legs. You should not worry about looking good; all that matters is how comfortable you are on the plane.

5. Avoid Screens Before Sleeping

 Before you decide to sleep, turn off your mobile or laptop because the light emitting from them won’t let you sleep. The light keeps your brain awake, and it will be difficult for you to sleep comfortably. Therefore, stay away from all the screens which produce blue light before going to sleep. Try avoiding reading a book on your laptop or tablet; instead, get a hard copy or read it on Kindle.

6. Book Ticket On A Non-Stop Flight

Although direct and non-stop flights cost a little more than the usual tickets, it has several advantages which are worth every penny. You will reach your destination without booking another flight or having to get off the aircraft. As you will get more time on the plane, it will easier for you to get some quality sleep. If you have a connecting flight, then you will get tired, and your sleep will be disturbed.

7. Book Red-Eye Flights

They are mostly cheaper than the regular flights, and it also saves you the accommodation costs, as you sleep in the aircraft. The best thing about flying red-eye is that it does not disrupt your normal sleeping pattern.

If you force yourself to sleep during the day, then it can change your sleeping pattern and cause drowsiness and insomnia. Also, during the night all the passengers will try to sleep and will not make any noise. Therefore, booking a red-eye flight is the best option if you want to sleep comfortably during your next flight.

8. Select Your Seat Carefully

The most important decision you need to take while booking a flight is the seating position. If budget is not a constraint for you, then get a first class ticket as it’s seats are more comfortable than the Economy section.

However, if you are on a tight budget and booking an Economy seat, then get the best seats for yourself as early as possible. The seats in the Economy are not equal; therefore if you are flying on United Airlines, then you need to check-in online using the United Airlines website to get your preferred seat.

You can get the window seat so that you can lean against the window for some support while sleeping. Try avoiding booking seats near the toilet as they might be smelly and more passengers gather in that area.

If you are scared of flying, then book the seats near the front engine as they are the most stable and also do not produce much noise. One can consider booking flight from Faremart.com, a reliable air booking platform which provides satisfactory travel services with 24 hours and seven days assistance. The Economy seats don’t provide much legroom except the seats which are present in the front. But, make sure that the seats are not located near the toilets.

9. Anticipate Jet Lag

To avoid jet lag, adapt the sleeping pattern of your destination. Before your flight takes off, change the time on your mobile phone according to your destination, and plan your sleep. If your flight reaches the destination at night, then prefer not sleeping on the flight, but if you are landing in the morning, then get some sleep in the plane to prevent any jet lag.

10. Keep A Check On What You Eat And Drink

If you want to sleep soundly, then forget consuming any alcohol on the flight. Although it will make you sleepy, it will be only for a few hours. You should drink a lot of water before boarding the plane for being dehydrated on the flight. If you are on the plane, then consume something which does not contain caffeine and alcohol. Try to eat light which can be easily digested, and avoid heavy meals if possible.

The Final Thoughts

That ends our list of the top ten tips which will help you to sleep comfortably on your next flight. Each individual is different, so there might be some tips which will work for you and some might not. All you need to do is find the ones which work for you and stick to it positively. If you know about some other tips, then do let us know in the comments section below.

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