10 Tips to Look 10 Pounds Thinner Today!

After reading Richard’s bitrebels article about Virtual Weight Loss (https://retwt.me/22Qf), I decided to write an article about ways to look 10 pounds thinner instantly. I’m excited about this because it means there will be no need for those pesky photoshop touch-ups!

I know my friend Joyce @joycecherrier would say that the way to look thin is too eat the right foods and exercise regularly; however, for all my instant gratification friends, here are some tips to look 10 pounds thinner right now!

I am a fan of being as natural as possible, so these tips do not include any surgery or diet pills. I believe that beauty shines from within, so only use these tips if you have a personal goal of looking thinner, don’t do it for anyone except yourself!

1. Get a suntan. I first learned about this tip several years ago when I read an interview with Jessica Simpson. I’ve used it ever since. I promise you, it totally works! If you look at a 150 pound person with pale skin and the same size person with darker skin, the one with darker skin will look at least 10 pounds thinner. I use a sunless tanning lotion which is not unhealthy like the tanning beds. Get a suntan today!

2. Eat nothing but protein for 48 hours. This is another tip I learned from something I read years ago. If I go for 2 days and eat nothing but protein (meat, cheese, eggs), my stomach becomes completely flat and it rocks! Of course, you’ll have sugar/carb cravings, but it is totally worth it! This effect is intensified even more if you drink a ton of water during the same time.

3. The higher the heels the closer to God. Yes, it’s true ladies, high heels makes you look thinner because they elongate your legs. I wear stilettos several times a week. This is another trick that works instantly! You can see it if you look in the mirror. Put on a pair of sneakers, then a pair of 4 inch heels, you’ll see the difference for yourself! (Do not wear heels with an ankle strap or else all bets are off! See video below.)

4. Show off your curves! I think it is intuitive to wear blue jeans, t-shirts and sweatshirts to cover up when we are having a “fat day,” but in reality, we will look instantly thinner by accentuating our curves. Try to get in the habit of wearing fitted clothes and find a good tailor. It’s a small price to pay to look and feel gorgeous!

5. There are three items every cosmo girl knows to keep in her closet to look thinner: A long scarf, a bright colored/patterned top and a V-neck (or scoop neck) sweater. Drape the scarf around your neck so it hangs down at your sides, this look is instantly thinning. Also, a bright colored/patterned (not plaid) top totally hides love handles. Love that! A V-neck sweater instantly creates the illusion of a thinner waist. A jacket over the V-neck sweater will take off even more pounds.

6. Buy some Spanx hosiery. Oh. My. Gosh. I own at least 5 of these. According to http://beauty.about.com, these are “The very modern version of the corset, Spanx are famous for making women all over the world appear 10 pounds thinner.” Just to give you the heads up, they are pricey, but totally worth every single penny!

7. Stand up straight. According to http://www.webmd.com this is the “1 minute solution.” Improving posture will instantly take pounds off your appearance. Stand up straight, shoulders back, head up, you know the drill!

8. To look taller, wear solid colors. Lots of people wear all black for this reason, but don’t forget about all the other wonderful colors out there!

9. Call your salon. An updated, professional haircut (preferably with highlights) will take weight off instantly. It is so easy to get in a rut and keep the same haircut for years. Mental note: If you have the same haircut now as you did when you were in high school, call your salon and tell them it’s an emergency!

10. Last but not least, a great attitude will take twice as much weight off as any of these other tips! Have you ever seen those people that have spinach between their teeth but they don’t know it, and they are so confident that even you forget about it? This works the same way. A happy, confident, kind person will look beautiful, regardless of what the scale says!