100 Years Of Significant Events In 10 Minutes [Video]

We are rapidly wrapping up the year, and magazines, websites and columns are trying to fit all the significant events into some kind of order. It’s hard, believe me, we have tried and tried again over here, and still there are things that just fall through the cracks. To present it through Facebook‘s new Timeline feature would be the ultimate way; however, I am afraid that setting that up would definitely deplete the resources at hand over here at Bit Rebels. I am not talking about dedication or physical storage space of course, but I’m talking about time. An article with that much information would take up the whole year to complete, and that is just too much time to spend on one article, don’t you agree?

So are there any alternatives to presenting the world’s most significant events in a format that makes sense and that doesn’t deplete a lifetime supply of hours? I think there are actually. Just have a look at this video uploaded to YouTube by user derDon1234. It features the most significant events from each year for a hundred years. Yes, that is correct, that amounts to 100 significant events presented in just over 10 minutes.

If that’s not an optimized edition, I don’t know what is. If our history lessons at school could be this effective, things would certainly be a lot more fun. However, I am sure that since information like this isn’t too in depth, it could possibly dumbify us to the point where we all actually have no clue about our past at all. Could it be possible that someone is working on a video just like this but with the most significant events of 2011? There is only one way to find out, it’s time to start searching the heck out of YouTube!

100 Years In 10 Minutes

Via: [UFunk – French]