How To: Creatively Wrap Your Gifts The Recycled Way!

As you all know, we here at Bit Rebels are fascinated with the word “recycle” for some reason. Not only is it a cool way to help the environment find its way back to what it used to be, but it’s also a cheap and creative way to turn what’s old into something new. So, if you’re attached to an old gadget, isn’t it only fitting to take it with you into the new? It’s a tricky question, I know, but you know what I mean I am sure. There are plenty of things we do periodically where we don’t think about the environment. It’s sad and wasteful living. However, there are things you can really do in order to bounce back into the cool while sending that peace, love and understanding mentality across memory lane.

The new way of wrapping your gifts is here. Well, maybe it’s not new, but it’s ultimately fresh and doesn’t have to involve buying a ton of wrapping paper, tape and what have you. Nope, you can just use whatever you can find at home, and you’ll be able to create awesome if not even better wrappings than you used to do with that purchased roll of paper and tape.

It’s all explained in the geeky book from the author Danny Seo. The book Simply Green Giving explains in detail what you could do to not only save the ball we all call home, but also what you can use to make the most thrilling and exciting gift wrapping you can think of. Here’s a few examples:

Burberry Wrapping: Just take a brown grocery store bag and wrap your gifts with it. To take it further, take black, red and white electrical tape and create the iconic Burberry pattern. You’ll have yourself a luxurious wrapping that will leave most people with a smile.

VHS Video Tape Wrapping: Simply reach within the old and battered VHS tape and roll it out. Use the tape to create ribbons and shiny wrapping, and you will have yourself a retro wrapping worthy of a true geek.

Chips Bag Wrapping: After enjoying a bag of chips, you are left with a bag that you usually just throw away. Why not turn it inside out, clean it and use it as wrapping for your gifts? Never have your presents looked so glistening shiny. The geeky revealing of the wrappings inside will be a second leg to the thoughtful present.