13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Coffee [Infographic]

On average, two out of three people are coffee addicts and craves coffee several times a day, and the other one drinks coffee once in a while. This is why coffee nowadays is sort of like black oil to us. Ironically, it comes second in the trading world, right after crude oil.

Everyone loves coffee, and that’s because our brain craves coffee and goes out of its way to make us want it. But why do we want it so badly anyway? Why do we keep consuming millions of coffee cups every year and even turned it into a social beverage?

There are several reasons that Dripped Coffee pointed out to us in their infographic, and we can’t help but agree with what they are saying. And that is simply because:

  • It Gives Us Energy: You can’t deny the rush of adrenaline you feel every time you have a nice cup of coffee. You dream of that coffee break to take a sip. Your brain knows when it’s tired, so to cope with the workload, it sends you “subtle” messages to get up and grab a cup.
  • It Reduces Depression: Have you ever seen a grumpy person holding a cup of coffee? Not very likely. Coffee brings a smile to our face – and that has been scientifically proven!
  • It Keeps You Slim: When you’re bored, you eat. Our brain fools us that we’re hungry, so we end up snacking a lot. A good cup of coffee can trick your brain instead, reducing your appetite while giving your metabolism a boost as well.
  • It Makes Us Smarter: Why do you think caffeine is every student’s best friend? It helps them improve their focus, stimulate their central nervous system and can be a lifesaver if they have to cram a whole semester in one evening.

These are only a few reasons to “give your brain a taste.” You are more than welcome to check the rest of the infographic for more reasons why our brains crave coffee. – For more interesting coffee-related articles, click here.

Why Your Brain Craves Coffee – Ultimate Guide

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13 Reasons Brain Craves Coffee Infographic

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