15 Drinks That You Need To Try Before You Leave College

If you’re in college or planning to join one, you can make your life more fascinating by trying the different drinks whenever you find yourself in a club or a house party. Your time at school is an important phase in your adult life. You must always make it count.

Amidst the many demanding assignments, examinations and lab sessions it is important that we enjoy ourselves to the fullest since college life will never come back once we graduate. Well, in case you are experiencing difficulties finding the perfect drink for you or you are just fade up with your usual brand, check the list compiled in collaboration with Brainy Bro below for a drink that will make your night out memorable.

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1. Tequila Shot

It is among my all-time top favorite drinks. Tequila shot is a Spanish term that I believe means “What happened yesternight?”. Interestingly, it is said that it can give you numerous health-related benefits for as long as it is consumed responsibly. So, while studying at the university, ensure that you do not miss out trying tequila shot for greater fun and much happier days at school.

2. Jäger Bomb

Jager bomb combines both Jager and red bull that gives you a rear kind of feeling. When you drink it, you will get drunk, but you will be very active and energetic. We all love that unique kind of buzz since it is nothing less than great fun.

3. Whiskey Sour

During my high school days, I completely had no idea regarding whiskey sour meant. Gladly, I came to know of it during my first semester in college. After trying it, I found out some few secrets concerning the drink. It has a sour taste but never tries to underestimate it since more than two shots if you’re inexperienced can knock you out and leave you with a hell of a hangover the next day.

 4. Rum & Coke

It is among the most famous drinks to order at any joint, commonly known by many people as bar classic. It is a cocktail of rum and coke. Personally, as a student at St. Francis Xavier University, I came to know the effectiveness of having two doubles, two singles or just a double of rum & coke.

5. Vodka-Water-Mio

Vodka-Water-Mio otherwise called “the healthy alternative” gives you the same extra-ordinary taste and feeling that you can get from any great drink. However, it has its own unique attribute that makes it better than other drinks; you will less likely experience hangover for as long as you keep drinking water as you sip it.

6. 151 Rum

It is a common favorite for most students made from Malibu and Pineapple juice. Actually, it is not an easy sipping drink, but if you’re adventurous and daring enough, then it is good that you try it out in one of your night outs. However, just be careful not to blackout.

7. Pornstar Shot

Pornstar shot is very popular among the female students for the reasons that I clearly do not understand, but I leave one of them is because it has a taste that feels like that of candy. When you give at try today, you will forget about your favorite Pornstar.

8. Jungle Juice

In case you’re planning a house party, do not forget to mix jungle juice with the drinks that you will be having. You should not complete college before you try out this experience. Actually, the mix tastes perfectly good. During the party, remember to request each of your friends to carry a bottle of a drink and another for fruit juice to always keep the bucket filled.

9. Porch Crawler

Porch Crawler is the kind of cocktail that will always puzzle you and make you wonder what your host was thinking or planning. It is a funny mix made up of frozen lemonade, vodka, and beer. It is not very complicated since it easy to blend its contents.  It is a wonderful drink to have for a party.

10. Fireball

If you have ever tasted Hot Tamales or Cinnamon Hearts, you will definitely fall in love with Fireball. It is a relatively hard drink with a concentration of 33.0 % Vv; I promise you that you will still enjoy it needless of using any chaser or mixer.

11. Molson Canadian Cold

As the name suggests, it is a drink that is produced in Canada, and if you are attending any university there, it will be great that you try it. It is particularly recommendable given the limited amount of cash that we have as students. Taking Molson Canadian Cold Shots will help you save and at the same time give you a wonderful experience. It has an alcoholic percentage of 6%.  Most importantly, order your pack of eight bottles when cold.

12. Twisted Teas

Of course, there are other people who detest how alcohol tastes. If you are in this category, then Twisted Teas will the ideal drink for you. They almost taste like iced tea, but as the name suggests, there is a twist in how it feels.  In fact, the popular slogan among their consumers that says: “Be a little twisted.”  They taste so nice that you can end up drinking nearly eight of them in just an hour.

13. Smirnoff Ice

It is among the most refreshing alcoholic drinks that you probably might have ever encountered. Just in case you do not understand the feeling of being iced, then know that you’re actually missing out in your college life. Smirnoff Ice has blend citrus and crisp taste that will make you yearn for more.  Take a friend with you today, and together get a classic icing.

14. Black Flys

Black Flys are very economical, and regardless of where you go, there will always be one or two individuals taking them. They have exceptional taste, and they will always ensure that you’re prepared for your night out.

15. Wine

If you love drinking wine, then ensure that you get to know the different varieties of wine that exist in the market. Statically, there are unlimited types of wine that you can drink. From my personal experience, you can drink a glass of wine at any time since there is absolutely no right or wrong time for drinking it.

You can take it in the morning, afternoon or in the evening just before you go to a party. Give it a try during one of the days before you’re done with college. It will help save you in case you get bored at some point. Above all, raise your glasses and drink responsibly. Have fun! (Also, don’t be stupid, drink responsibly!)

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