The Ultimate Drink Mix Guide For Engineers [Infographic]

Tomorrow is Friday (at the time when I am writing this), and that means for some people it’s time to celebrate the weekend. Different people do that different ways, but for some a nice drink is a good way to start off a relaxing weekend, but that’s pretty much where the thought ends. If you don’t have access to the Internet, finding the right drink mix recipe might be a problem. Now, we can’t have that can we? No, that’s why I thought we’d share this drink mix guide.

This is actually one of those quirky and geeky drink mix guides. This one in particular is designed for engineers. Yes, that is right. It has all of the showcased drink mix recipes displayed in technical measurements which should by every stretch of the imagination appeal to server engineers as well as the average geek. I mean, how can you not love the technical outline of each drink mix recipe in this guide? It’s exactly what we all need, and quite frankly, it’s the only way a geek rolls when mixing together the sophisticated weekend drinks.

This infographic is brought to us by Engineer’s Guide To Drinks and comes in two different versions. The first one is a technical overview of all the drinks presented – all with their own drink mix technical specs. The second one is a recently shared blueprint version that I must say is as geeky as the first one. Putting these two up next to your bar or in your kitchen is sure to showcase your geeky nature.

If you want to impress on a date then being able to mix a drink is surely an ace you can play throughout the night. However, in order to impress, you would have to learn these drink mix recipes ahead of time and not cheat by looking at this. That should be quite easy now that you have these drink mix recipes and all the wonderful technical descriptions necessary. No more fumbling with ingredients. This drink mix guide will make you a drink mix master in no time. Enjoy!

Drink Mix Guide For Engineers

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Blueprint Version

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