3 Actions You Need To Take After Being Harassed

Sexual harassment can leave a deep emotional scar in a person’s life, which can take years or even decades to recover from. Going through this horrific experience is a nightmare for everyone; those who have suffered through this ordeal face difficulties in getting back on their feet with a normal emotional state. Sexual assaults and abuse are often noted more in women than in men.

Horrifyingly enough, even innocent children aren’t spared from this crime. With more and more reports of sexual harassment being noted over the decade, it is important to take a few steps and actions as an individual to control the situation and recover from the traumatic incident.

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1.  Share Your Story Or Talk To Someone

We agree that it takes a lot of courage to share your story on a public forum, but it’s extremely important to do so. Not only will it expose the prime criminal, but also protect potential victims in the future. Speaking to top newspapers or news channels or sharing your experience on social media can spread your story across the nation. There’s no need to be ashamed. Only a handful of victims are able to share their unlucky experience in public domains. By doing so, you’re involving and inviting a lot of people to be a part of your story, which makes it easier to get over the incident faster.

If you’re unable to gather the courage to speak in public, you should seek someone you trust. It can be your best friend, your parents or your partner. It’s important to talk to someone and share your story to feel at ease and finally getting it out. Keeping it enclosed in will only add to your suffering that can lead to mental disorders. If you’re uncomfortable in sharing it with people you know, you can see a therapist. Going through therapy sessions will guarantee anonymity, comfort, and zero judgment.  Basically, sharing and putting out your story will help in the healing process.

2.  Seek An Attorney

If you’re determined to get justice, seeking an attorney is your first step. Fighting back can prevent the possible occurrence of such incidents. Sexual harassment lawyers and attorneys are thorough with the civil court system and can guide you to take relevant actions according to the kind of sexual abuse experienced.

Consultants at AbuseGuardian.com strongly recommend hiring experienced attorneys who can help in taking strong legal action against your offender by sending him to prison or demanding appropriate compensation. They make you realize that it’s not your fault and you’re not the one to blame.

An attorney who is experienced in this discipline will review your case in detail with careful analysis. Even if your offender has a lawyer, a careful examination of the prosecutor’s case can increase your chances of winning. Sometimes, the victim is blamed for the occurrence of the incident, which can lead them to pay a fine, or in worst-case scenarios, go through court trials. Hiring an attorney can help in reducing or dropping these charges altogether.

3.  Get Yourself Checked

In the case of major sexual harassment, you might be physically injured and mentally drained. Getting yourself checked is a way to ensure that any hidden or unknown wounds are treated and that they don’t lead to further physical problems. At times, many internal injuries go unnoticed and thus conducting a thorough physical examination is important.

If you’ve gone through the trauma of rape, it is even more important to get your body checked. Internal and physical damages are more likely to be detected. Several tests need to be carried out in order to determine any sexually transmitted diseases, injuries caused through the insertion of any physical objects, or even pregnancy.

You need to be honest with your doctor about the incident so that he can detect the exact problems. A doctor or medical practitioner can also provide a medical certificate that can help you to take a day off of work or university. Another benefit of a medical checkup is that the doctor can provide sufficient evidence in case you’re hiring an attorney, hence increasing your chances of winning the case.

Whether it’s domestic violence, workplace harassment or public offense, all kinds of sexual harassment need to be addressed. Taking these three actions can build you once again physically, mentally, and emotionally. Even though it takes time to fully recover, it’s up to you to speed up the process. You can decide whether to sit and let it take over you, or take appropriate actions to recover and save potential victims.

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