3 Basic Types Of Fishing Reels Explained

There are different types of fishing reels available in the market and each type has specific usage based on the type of fishing you are aiming for. This article will act as the ultimate guide to get yourself familiar with the 3 basic types of fishing reels available in the market along with their advantages and disadvantages.

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1. Spincast

Spincast or the closed face reel is the most basic type of fishing reel available for beginners. This is the reel that everybody starts with when they are learning to fish with a fishing rod and a reel. Spincasts are the easiest to use and are highly affordable. The fishing reel allows for easy casting and can be used for all different types of fishing.


  • The fishing reel is highly affordable
  • Very easy to use
  • Can be used for all types of fishing
  • Very limited possibility of the fishing line getting tangled


  • Cheaply made with cast metal or plastic
  • Not durable. Usually corrodes with heavy usage
  • Cannot cast as long as other high-end fishing reels
  • Comprised on accuracy and precision during casting

2. Spinning Reel

Spinning reels are also known as the Open-face reel and is one of the most popular type of fishing reels among anglers for bait fishing. This reel type is quite easy to cast with even little experience. The great news is that you can cast extremely small and light lures with the use of a spinning reel.

Having a great line capacity, spinning reels are very versatile. Whether you are targeting bass on the lake or Tarpons on the beach, this category of fishing reel can work for all different purposes. Compared to a spincast reel, spinning reel can cast longer distances with better accuracy.


  • Spinning reels are very versatile and can be used for all types of fishing
  • Can cast really small baits
  • Durable as they can be cleaned properly as opposed to the closed face reels
  • Can cast long distances


  • Provides less accuracy while pinpointing cast in comparison to baitcasters
  • Doesn’t perform well with heavier fishing line

A reel is always complemented with a fishing rod. To know more about which spinning rod to buy, read 7 Best Inshore Spinning Rods

3. Baitcast Reel

Baitcast reels are commonly known as the conventional reel and are most usually used to get the gigantic sea creatures out of the water. This category of fishing reel provides the best accuracy and casting distance to the anglers.

However, baitcasters can be quite complicated to use and you should only invest on it once you have mastered fishing with other two type of fishing reels and gained enough experiences. Baitcasters are the most advanced type of fishing reels available in the market which can cast larger lures for catching bigger fishes. If are a professional and take fishing seriously, then it is highly recommended for you to invest in a baitcasting reel.


  • Very easy to stop and rectify if you overcast too far
  • Offer pinpoint casting accuracy
  • Has the smoothest operation
  • Offers fast and powerful retrieve


  • Cannot cast small baits like the spinning reels
  • Complicated to use for beginners
  • A bit expensive
  • Prone to backlashes and line tangles

Although baitcasting reels are more expensive than Spincast and Spinning reels, there are many high-quality baitcasting reels available at affordable prices. To know more read Best Baitcasting Reel Under 100

Now that you are familiar with the pros and cons of all three types of fishing reels, based on your fishing experience and fishing style, you’ll be easily able to decide which reel type suits you the best. To enjoy fishing to the fullest, make sure to choose the reel type that will be most comfortable for you to use.

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