5 Yoga Training And Lifestyle Tips For Complete Beginners

We all have been through a phase where we download a yoga training app or join a yoga class but then give up on it within a few days. This usually happens when you see people practicing various poses on the yoga mat while you sit back thinking you will never be able to perform anything like that. And after trying for a week or so you give up thinking yoga is not your cup of tea.

But then who are all these superhumans who perform yoga every day and look all comfortable in their skin? Well, if you keep asking this question then the answer is pretty simple, all these people were beginners once, and they paved their way up because they had all the secrets that people who are just starting yoga should have.

If you are wondering from where you can get all these beginner yoga tips, then you have come to the right place as we unleash our five yoga tips for complete beginners. These easy and quick tips will transform your yoga session from an hour of utter misery to something you will look forward to.

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1. Learn The Basics

[pullquote]Before stepping on the yoga mat make sure you take some time out to prepare yourself.[/pullquote] It is essential that you at least learn some of the basic concepts of yoga. You can start with learning some of the easy poses from a range of books and CDs that are available. These resources can provide you a deep insight of yoga and the science behind it.

You can also learn some of the basic and commonly used Sanskrit terms for a better understanding of the instructions. Although, learning these new terms and concepts can be a bit confusing in the beginning but as you keep going things will make more sense to you. Therefore, a little learning before the actual session can help the beginners immensely.

2. Dress In The Right Yoga Clothes

Once you have got your hands on the basics of yoga, it is time to go shopping! The correct workout attire is one of the most important things that need consideration. Always choose workout clothes that are comfortable and stretchy as yoga is all about flexibility and postures. You surely do not want to wear something that is rigid and gives your body no space for movement.

If you do not feel like leaving your house for buying yoga clothes, then you can choose from the largest collection of yoga clothes at a yoga shop online, where you get perfect workout clothes at amazing prices.

3. Choose Your Yoga Mat Wisely

This may sound like a small thing to purchase, but the wrong yoga mat can ruin your entire workout session. Beginners usually have no clue about choosing the right yoga mat. Therefore, it is important that you consult an expert before buying it.

There is a range of yoga mats available in the market, ranging from thin to thick and cheap to highly expensive. Try purchase a mat that suits your workout environment as some yoga mats are specially designed for hot yoga. Also, buy a sticky yoga mat as it stays on the floor and keeps you firmly on the ground. In order to get a better idea go through the online customers’ reviews so that you can buy the mat that is the most suitable for you.

4. Things That Can Help You To Improve Your Yoga

Another yoga tip for complete beginners is that before starting your yoga always do a little warm-up session. [pullquote]These small exercises can help your body to release all the pressure be it mental or physical.[/pullquote] Start by gently massaging your head to circulate the blood flow to the brain to avoid dizziness, and it helps you to stay active throughout the session. Also, move your neck in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions followed by light stretching. This warm-up exercise helps your body to prepare for the actual yoga session.

Yoga sounds incomplete without meditation. But if your yoga expert chooses to omit the meditation part then you can do it on your own before or after the yoga session. Deep breathing and meditation can help increase your concentration and focus, which is a must need for a useful yoga session.

5. Everything Takes Time

One widespread mistake most of the beginners make is that they want things to transform overnight. This leads us to our final yoga tip for complete beginners, which is all about being patient. Yoga is all about the balancing your body, mind, and soul and that takes time. So do not quit when you feel like things are not working out for you. There can be poses which would not make sense to you or you might feel like giving up, but you need to give yourself a bit more time.

Do not force your body to do everything at once, take smaller steps and work your way up slowly. Try to take breaks and relax whenever you get time. Also, keep yourself hydrated for better performance and above all tell yourself that you are just doing fine.

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