3 Christmas Gift Ideas That Benefit The Whole Family

As evidenced by the crisp weather and red-and-brown hues, it is still autumn. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start looking ahead to the holidays, especially since these next couple of months will fly by pretty quickly. If you have kids, you know that shopping for them can be tricky; they change their minds so often, with each passing toy trend that it can be difficult to keep up.

That’s why more and more parents like doing at least a couple “family gifts”, presents that are intended to be used by everyone, including mom and dad. This article will list the top five family Christmas gifts, and offer recommendations on where to find them.

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1. A Trampoline

Young kids love it because it’s a great way to play around. Teens love it because they can practice their slam dunk skills. And adults love it because it is an entertaining, low impact form of exercise.

Put a trampoline in your backyard this Christmas and you are guaranteed to hear shouts of excitement from the kids, young and old. When looking at trampolines for sale in the lead up to Christmas, prioritize safety – after all, you want your kids to have an injury-free 2019. The safest trampoline on the market just so happens to be the best one; check out Springfree Trampoline in stores, or at the link above.

2. A Swimming Pool

Pools come in all shapes, sizes, and prices. But whichever one you choose, it is almost guaranteed to put a smile on your family’s faces. There is something universally appealing about playing in the water, and although you will probably have to wait a few months before you can use it (unless you’re lucky enough to live in one of the southern states), it still makes a terrific family Christmas gift.

The Intex above ground pool is a good option, since it is relatively affordable, durable and won’t require a costly hole to be dug. It will look great next to your Springfree Trampoline!

3. A Board Game

When you think of a family time activity, what do you think of? If that were a question on Family Feud, most people would answer “board game”. The best board games bring the whole family together in friendly competition, and therefore they make great family holiday gifts.

This list of the best family board games of 2018 should give you a few ideas. The game “Codenames”, in particular, is a fun one, mixing a spy theme with some engaging gameplay. It may not be as epic as a trampoline, or as relaxing as a pool, but there is something to be said for the humble board game!

This December, not all gifts have to be individualized. Try out the universal thrill of jumping on a trampoline, the family-wide fun of splashing around in the pool, or the quiet charm of a family board game. Anything that brings the family closer together: now that’s the spirit of Christmas.

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