3 Life Hacks You Need To Reduce Stress Caused by College

Everyone who has studied in college or at least seen a student in their life will agree that these years are, indeed, a stressful time. You’ve got all these classes to show up to, deadlines to meet, and long-term obligations like loans or a looming thesis paper. On top of that, you have to do it all from home now, with your bed right there, waiting for you with an invitation.

The easiest way out of all this would be asking ‘how is write paper?’ and delegating your homework to a pro service. After selecting an employee, you can easily check the competence of the service with whom you are going to work.

This can be done with the help of the EssayPro service. Where the best essay writing services are collected. Many of us have come to college expecting the struggle so this is exactly what this article is about – the things you can do daily to make this time a bit more tolerable.

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Get Organized

Of course, it’s easier said than done. But as soon as you get yourself together and arrange your tasks in an orderly way, you’ll see the benefits immediately. Well, at least immediately after you deal with all the assignments you might have forgotten about.

To be on top of your schedule you should always keep track of your deadlines. If you’re old-fashioned and still have one of those paper calendars hanging on the wall at your desk, mark your due dates in it. But if you’re a regular person and store everything in your phone – be sure to set alarms and notifications so that none of your assignments slip away.

Apart from a usual calendar, there’re many apps designed specifically for people who struggle with organizing their schedules. Try Todoist, Any.do or Trello. Install them on your phone, computer, and any other device you may have. This way, you’ll be able to check your schedule on the go and nothing will stop you from doing homework on your everyday commute.

Find Time For Sports

Many students tend to neglect physical exercise because they don’t have enough time for it. Check your screen time, will you? If your average is more than an hour or two per day, you can definitely dedicate 20 minutes to your body. You don’t need a gym membership or expensive gear. You can even do without a mat. Just put away your phone, find a video on YouTube and do a bodyweight or HIIT workout.

The reason we mention YouTube is that it’s free and you can find literally any kind of training on the platform. Whether you prefer light stretching, yoga, or intense cardio – there’s a video on that already, you just need to choose one. Eventually, you can find a YouTuber you like best, like Chloe Ting or MadFit, follow them, and workout every time they post!

Sports have incredible benefits for stress management and mental health in general. Working out boosts serotonin levels, makes your blood pump, and helps you shut down your brain while you focus on the body.

Let’s all agree – we all could use a little bit of serotonin these days. So, every time you feel stuck on an assignment, just distract your brain and go work out. It will help you reboot and immediately feel better.

Eat Well

The food we consume plays a huge role in the way we feel. Many students don’t even realize it but the truth is, those instant meals are not helping you study better. Eating better doesn’t mean turning into a fanatic and spending $50 per meal. But adding some fresh vegetables, fruits, and nuts to your diet is a sure way to reduce stress.

Students often don’t have access to proper cooking appliances like a stovetop. Yet, you can still cook a whole lot of healthy meals in a microwave. If you don’t even have a microwave, consider eating a few veggies that don’t require cooking along with every instant meal you make.

Snack on fruits and nuts instead of chocolate bars. Substitute milk chocolate with dark to boost brain function. Get some healthy snacks and have them placed strategically to snack on. Salads don’t have to be boring and un-filling!

Add some protein like beans, chicken, fish, or eggs to a bunch of greens. You can buy most of that pre-made like canned beans or even fried chicken. Just use your imagination and don’t shy away from googling everything. Again, YouTube can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to dorm-friendly recipes.

Final Thoughts

Find a friend to work out with! If you don’t have any actual friends, make a poster and find like-minded people on your campus. It’s much easier to do things like working out in a group. This will automatically add some responsibility but in a good way. Or, if you’re shy, you can always work out in your room, which is just as efficient!

Getting more organized will help you get more things done and use the 24 hours more efficiently. Thanks to the tech-era we live in now, we have all these apps and online services that are made specifically to make our lives easier.

Using them can’t possibly do you any harm unless you find pleasure in procrastinating, which is rare. Besides, most of the services made for students are free, so be sure to check them out. Try to improve on your nutrition, too.

Your mind is a reflection of your body so if you don’t eat well, it will be much harder to keep up the productivity and score well on tests. Don’t think too much about it – just add some fresh fruits and veggies to your daily ratio and see how much better it will make you feel. Make sure you get enough of all the necessary nutrients and you’re good to go!

Living in a dorm has a lot of perks. You can always find somebody to vent to and share your struggles with. A lot of people go through the same things but doing it together can definitely make it easier. Just remember that whatever you’re going through, somebody has already overcome and is willing to share their journey.

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