10 Essential Food Hacks That Every Home Chef Should Know [Video]

I don’t know what I ever did before I was exposed to useful life hacks. A decade ago, I didn’t even know what a life hack was, but now I use them all the time. When life hacking became popular, it was mostly used in the tech sense. People would share tips and tricks for computer and software workarounds for every day problems that would make people’s lives easier. These days, there are life hacks for every aspect of life. These ten are for the home chef.

If you are a home chef, and you are used to cooking every day, you know that any tip that can optimize your time in the kitchen is well worth learning. We are all short on time these days, and anything that can get you out of the kitchen and together with your family and friends is worthwhile. That’s what these 10 food hacks are designed to do.

There are also some tips sprinkled in here that will help home chefs with other areas of their lives, like the hack for creating a simple watering can or shoe shiner. I don’t know that I would consider myself a real home chef (at least lately), but I’m still going to try hard boiling my eggs in the oven. Oh wait, then they aren’t ‘hard boiled’ right? I’m also going to try reheating pizza on the stove so it’s not all mushy from the microwave.

As a home chef, you might even want more food hacks. I found two other food hack articles with some really good stuff in them. One is called 25 Food Hacks That Might Change Your Life and the second one has 35 Clever Food Hacks. I don’t know if these below are ‘life changing,’ but they are definitely worth checking out. [Video created by Household Hacker]

Essential Food Hacks That Every Home Chef Should Know




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