3 Great Alternative Party Travel Destinations In The US

Fancy a party? Who doesn’t, right? Yet, if you want to up the stakes and have a really great time then why not travel away for a party that you’ll never forget? Some cities just have that party vibe running through their veins and ensure that you can’t fail to get in the mood for a good time.

Clearly, you could go somewhere like Miami, LA or Vegas but the tourists all know this too, and you might find yourself fighting for space with people from across the globe.

The simple fact is that there are other, slightly less obvious travel choices, that could make for the perfect getaway. These are every bit as fun and are guaranteed to give you a great party. Here are three to give you inspiration for your trip:


Think Nevada, think Vegas? Think again. Reno sits on the border with California and was the gambling capital of the US before Sin City muscled in on the action. Known as the Biggest Little City in the World, Reno retains its strong gambling heritage to this day, with plenty of choice in and around Virginia Street in particular. As with Vegas, many of the top casinos are linked to Reno’s best hotels, so you can book into a location that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

[pullquote]The beauty of Reno also rests in its geographical location.[/pullquote] It is surrounded by the Sierra Nevada Mountains which means skiing and snowmobile rides in the winter and cycling and walking aplenty in the warmer months. Lake Tahoe is also only about half an hour away if you prefer your activities to be water-based or want to relax on one of the lake’s hidden beaches. All of this is perfect if you want an active outdoors-based daytime before throwing yourself into the fun of the casino at night.

Like Vegas, expect to find all-you-can-eat buffets and steak houses aplenty in Reno or head to Midtown and check out the Old Granite Street Eatery complete with its wooden bar, sumptuous seasonal menu, and craft beers. Then put on your finest outfit and sample one of the 100-plus different types of martinis at the stylish Roxy’s bar in Eldorado or purchase a cocktail or two at the fabulous Death & Taxes in Cheney Street.


The Windy City of Chicago is bound to blow you away for a whole host of reasons (although not the wind, the nickname actually comes from the hot air of politicians, not the weather).

It’s a beautiful city full of surprises, with its skyscrapers side by side with the Ferris wheel and funfair of the Navy Pier, one of the most popular attractions in the country. The pier is on the shore of Lake Michigan – as are Chicago’s stunning beaches, meaning that you combine sun and sand in the daytime with partying all night long.

North Avenue Beach is a great spot for volleyball or a jet ski ride, while Oakwood Beach is where you might find a festival to really get the party started.

[pullquote]Whether it’s shopping on the Magnificent Mile, chillin’ in Lincoln Park or checking out the jaw-dropping views at 360 Chicago (with its incredible TILT feature) or the Willis Tower there’s no chance of getting bored in Chicago.[/pullquote]

One thing you can’t miss, however, is the pizza. Forget every other pizza you’ve ever had – Chicago’s deep-dish variety will top the lot. Take your pick from Giordano’s, Pizzeria Uno or Pequod’s Pizza – three great examples of the quintessential Chicago dish.

Once you’re well-fed, why not enjoy the laughs in The Second City in N Wells Street, the famed venue which helped launch the careers of Bill Murray, Steve Carrell, and John Candy?

Polish it all off with a drink or two. This guide from Eater gives you a choice of 25 top class venues to help your party pass in style. A formidable travel destination to consider.


Forget Houston or Dallas, the self-styled ‘Live Music Capital of the World’ is the perfect place to travel to for your Texan party. It lives up to its bold title with more music venues per capita than any other city in the US. In fact, you’ll be hard pushed to avoid live music – from the terminal at the airport to grocery stores and even city council meetings (not that you’ll be in those) live music is right at the heart of everything that goes on in Austin.

There are more than 250 venues, featuring rock, country, jazz, blues and more – perfect for whatever party atmosphere you want. The nightclubs in 6th Street sit at the heart of the music scene; start here and find the right night for you.

Austin also exhibits an eccentric attitude – proudly boasting the motto of ‘Keep Austin Weird’ that encapsulates the quirkiness of the people and the culture, but also a city determined to champion its unique identity.

This is also a city which celebrates the outdoors – making the most of the 230 sunny days a year with attractions such as Zilker Park or Barton Springs Pool. It has also upped its culinary game in recent years. Don’t worry, the barbecue joints are still in town, but they’re not the only option – with Mexican, European and Asian cuisine all on offer. If it is the traditional Texan taste that you’re after, however, get over to Freedmen’s in San Gabriel Street or take your pick from the options on 2nd and 6th Streets, where you’ll find the locals.

Take your dancing shoes and head to Barbarella in Red River Street for a great night of entertainment or, for something a little different, search out the Dry Creek Café and Boat Dock, the confusingly-named venue which will cater for all of your jukebox, pool table, and beer needs.

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3 Great Alternative Party Travel Destinations In The US

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