3 Videos Highlighting the Miracle of Nature

We love time lapse videos here on bitrebels. Whether we are making them, teaching you how to make them, or finding wicked ones for your viewing pleasure, one thing is for sure, they are always a lot of fun. My favorite time lapse videos are the ones that show the miracle of nature unfolding. The interesting thing to me is that when you watch a time lapse video of nature, you really see how nature does not struggle at all to grow and change. It does it all gracefully and gently. No struggle, no resistance, no problem. It’s quite a magnificent and miraculous process.

Three things in nature that have always mesmerized me are caterpillars turning into butterflies, clouds that move briskly across the sky and seedlings that grow into beautiful flowers. These are things that are easy to take for granted because we see them every day, but take a moment to watch these videos below, and appreciate the miracles that unfold naturally. I always learn more about myself and the world around me when I watch nature evolve. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.